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Posted by: raw on 2000-01-11 17:14:20

This feature actually exists and works.  Believe
it or not, it is this system that will hopefully
be the main focus of the site.  The idea is that
we as a community will define the guidelines.

The reality is that user friendliness and access
to this portion of the site need improvement
and documentation.

Here's a quick description of how it works:

- Anybody can create/propose a new guideline.

- Anybody can revise an existing guideline.  This is the way that
you modify the point options

- When a guideline is newly created, it is flagged as a "draft".

- During this time period, only the creator of the guideline
may modify it.  This creator can make as many changes as
they like.  The guideline is viewable (and scoreable as
'draft' points).  This allows for public discussion of 
the guideline.

- When the guideline creator is ready, he/she will click
"Publish" on the guideline page.  This will put the 
guideline in "Polling" mode.  This is a 24 hour time
period when people can vote to approve or reject the 

- At the end of the polling period, the guideline is 
approved or rejected based on a simple majority of 
the voters.

Revisions work the same way with the following exceptions:

- While the revision is in draft mode, the current
version of the guideline is still displayed to other
users.  The only way to see the revision is to 
click "View revisions" from the guideline page.

- If the revision is approved, then the previous 
version of the guideline is 'superceeded'.  

- This creates some issues with what to do with 
the scores of that superceeded guideline.  I'll explain
how this works in the documentation to come.

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