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  Admit to masturbating regularly 
People who deny they like to pleasure themselves occasionally are wankers.

  Agape is... The Intent of the Soul 
Agape is, you treat every single living thing as you wish to be treated, for every single living possess soul. If you practice this in your everyday life, the world would be a peaceful place to live, for it is love that feeds the soul

  Are you Searching for A Job? 
You must be searching for Home Based Job. Your search stops here. Do Online Data Entry Job. Earn As much as you can. Work as much as you can. No Selling or Marketing. Paid per Entry, not per sale or commission. Limited posts are left. Send an e-mai

  Be An Anarchist 
Bringing down society as we know it, is working with, and not against, the natural force of Entropy in the universe. Since Entropy is the strongest force in the universe, being part of this downward decline makes you a "GoodHuman" in my book. So act

  Be good. 
Want a more happy and fulfilling life? Try to be good.

  Become a one-car houshold (if you have 2 or more!) and walk and bike instead of drive. 
Sharing 1 car and biking and walking to run errands etc., saves energy, cuts back on greenhouse gasses, and gets you some exercise in the process!

  Become Gay 
Homosexuals are far more clean and upstanding then the straight slobs. More Homos make the world an A OK place to live and commit sodomy.

Are you a true Christian?

  Buy recycled paper rather than tree-free. 
Tree-free paper may be cool, but it doesn't help the environment as much as recycled paper does. By reusing the trees we've already cut down, we keep trash out of the landfills and we reuse the resources we already spent water and energy harvesting, espe

  Chemical Free Organic Products 
Lather yourself with healthy, life encouraging bath and body products for you and your family

  Clean up after your Pet to help prevent water pollution and desease. 
Dogs generate disease-causing bacteria that can make people sick. Studies done in the last few years put dogs third or fourth on the list of contributors to bacteria in contaminated waters. If you do not want to do it yourself hire a professional like Du

  Co-ops - support and join local co-ops 
Health food or grocery co-ops often promote package- and pesticide-free food. Support or volunteer at your local cooperative.

  Commit Genocide 
Murder every person belonging to a particular race or religion. Jews and blacks have been quite popular throughout history. Spare no baby nor female.

So, you finally became vegetarian and still have leather shoes you bought a year ago? KEEP THEM!-it's a waiste to toss.Just don't buy anymore of that crap.

  Don't use bleach. 
If every household in the U.S. replaced just one bottle of 32 oz. chlorine bleach with non-chlorine bleach, we could save 4.5 million pounds of chlorine from entering our environment

  Dumpster Diving 
Are you too embarassed to tell people that you use things that people don't need anymore?

  Get out of the house 
Make yourself an active member of your community!

  Give unwanted clothes to the poor 
Giving to the poor not only helps a friend in need, but it also is a form of recycling.

  good friends 
are you always there for your friends when they need you

  Good: Only Christ is good! 
The heart of the human problem is the heart. We all like sheep have gone astray and eah of us has turned to his own way and the Lord has laid on Him the eniquity of us all -The Bible-

  Have a big, round, blue head... 
Dance around with a big grin on your face! Leave spirals in your wake!

  Honor your Children 
Children are the hope of Humankind, Earth's greatest resource. Treat them with the love and respect they deserve, and teach them all you know, that they grow strong and true.

  How to Create a Sustainable Economy and Future on our Planet 
San Diego ecologist Jim Bell has published "Creating a Sustainable Economy and Future on our Planet". Read it for free, print it without restrictions at It's astonishing! And it can be done!

  Learn about God today 
God is present all around us, within us, everywhere, every day. Listen to Him, talk to Him, read his Word to us. He knows what makes us tick, and how to be in tune with others, ourselves and Him.

  legalize dumpster diving 
This should be legal

  Make bread not pot roast 
Comments MAKE QUICK EASY MONEY FAST! EARN LOADS OF MONEY, HONESTLY, FAIRLY, AND LEGALLY Greetings All, I found this on a bulletin board and decided to try it: A little while back, I was browsing through news groups and e-mails just like you are n

  marijuana usage 
Marijuana is not a bad thing and if you don't let it get control of you it can make you a better person


  Pay attention 
You can learn a great deal from others mistakes

  Recycle Inkjet cartridges 
Recycling inkjet cartridges is an excellent way to save the environment and it can earn you or a charity money

Good quality values are key to solid relationships

  Root for underdogs. 
It is easy to support winners but it requires character to root for the underprivileged, the unfavored and the losing. Victory is sweeter when underdogs win and sometimes the underdog is you.

  Stay behind others in line. 
It is courteous to not move past other people standing in line.

  Stay Positive. 
a good attitude creates the type of life we all lead being open and willing to accept what comes to us makes us look for the best way to use our options rather than fighting against the changes in our lives

  Think! Read! Learn! Know! 
Reading the paper or watching the news does not make one informed. Media sources are often biased or have ulterior motives when presenting you with the "facts". You must learn to think for yourself, by any means necessary. Your television, your priest,

  Turn off the shower while you're soaping up 
There's no reason to leave the shower running while you're lathering up your body and shampooing your hair, so just turn off the water. You'll be surprised at how much quicker your showers are!

  Use Your Body To Transport Yourself 
Walk, Bicycle, Get on a Bus or Train!!~ using human power to get yourself around will keep you healthy mentally and physically. You get much needed exercise and meditative, down-time while you walk, bike and sit on a bus or train. Plus you are helping re

  Volunteer in your community. 
There are many ways to volunteer in ones community. Animal shelters, tutoring and mentoring programs and many other organizations could use more volunteers. Lend a hand and you might just help change someone's life--your own.

  Wear sounproof and underpants 
Soundproof underpants allow you to fart in public places, without disturbing others. Furthermore, they generally restrict the smell, which is great, just be careful when you take them off!

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