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  Be a defensive driver. 
Cars are immensely heavy objects that travel at great rates of speed in all directions around us as we endeavor to navigate the terrain. We have no control over what these other cars are doing, so for the sake of your safety please drive defensively.

  Be a designated driver. 
Intentionally staying sober to drive others who are drinking, saves lives, driving records and thousands of dollars in fines.

  Be courteous on the road 
Being considerate of other people on the road makes everyone happier, and safer.

  Car pool. 
Put two people going to the same place, in the same car, and the environment benefits.

  Consider renting an eco-friendly rental car. 
Environmental Vehicle Rental rents alternative fuel vehicles, including electric and gas, which are less harmful to the environment than regular combustion engine vehicles.

  Consider telecommuting options for your employees. 
Even one day a week of not driving can make a huge differnece both ecologically and with worker moral. Many employees would be more productive with the kind of un-interrupted one can get a home, away from the social office environment.

  Don't exceed the speed limit 
Efficiency of fuel, of vehicle, and of human safety is greatly improved.

  Donate your old car to charity. 
Donating your old car saves your having to advertise and deal with the parade of potential buyers. A charitable organization can use it and they will come and pick it up, running or not and you get a tax deduction to boot.

Driving slow is fine, but doing so in the fast lane is dangerous and irritating to other drivers. Use the right lane if driving slow.

  Drive a more fuel efficient car. 
A fuel efficient car is not only easier on the pocket book, it is easier on the ozone and our limited fossil fuels too. *

  Drive an electric car 
Buy an electric car and drive it instead of a gas powered vehicle whenever possible.

  Drive less 
Extraneous driving acts only to waste fuel and pollute the atmosphere. It may seem like it is our birthright to "just drive", but nothing could be further from the truth.

  Give a "courtesy wave" when someone lets you in in traffic. 
It may seem insignificant, but a quick courtesy wave to a fellow driver who lets you cut in in traffic lets that person know that the gesture is appreciated.

  Help push a stalled car. 
A person is having car trouble and is pushing their car to a safer area, or they need a "push-start", pull over and lend a hand.

  If you smoke, which you should not, Don't toss cigarettes out car windows 
Cars and trucks come with ashtrays standard. You could start fires, or even cause an accident. Empty your ashtray into a garbage can if you smoke.

  Keep your tires properly inflated. 
Tires that are under their recommended psi, cause added friction resulting in lower fuel iffeciency. Keeping your tires at recommended levels increases gas milage and improves handling.

  Let people merge into your lane 
If you're driving a car and someone is trying to merge into your lane, let them in.

  Live closer to town. 
Living in or close to town saves gas money and is much less polluting than living in remote regions. Life is a bit easier over-all when one lives near stores and gas stations, its much better for the environment, your fuel budget, and your social life.

  Maintain a good driving record. 
Being a safe and sober driver, getting few tickets and taking care of the few one does get, enables one to move about freely in an automobile and indicates a certain level of personal responsibility.

  Obey bicycle traffic laws. 
Riding a bike can give one the feeling of complete freedom but during this euphoric bliss it is important to pay attention and follow all traffic laws. When traffic laws are obeyed, cars won't have to second guess you and you'll be much safer.

  Pick up hitchhikers. 
For whatever reason, people don't have transportation to a destination and they stand on the roadside "thumbing it". Picking up hitch hikers helps a person in need, and puts us in direct touch with another interesting person.

  Recycle automobile air conditioner coolant. 
Cars with air conditioners should have the coolant recycled whenever the car is serviced. This extra step can reduce thousands of pounds of ozone depleting carbon dioxide.

  Recycle motor oil. 
Used motor oil is a harmful pollutant that damages plant and animal life, as well as ground water. As it breaks down or is diluted, one gallon of motor oil can contaminate 1000 gl. of fresh water. Recycling motor oil protects the environment.

  Repair your old bicycle. 
Nearly everyone has one. They inhabit our garages, porches, or backyards and we've looked past them so many times we don't even see them anymore. Our old bike needs our attention and with 15 min. of work, it will give back immensely.

  Ride your bicycle 
When you need to go somewhere that isn't too far, ride your bicycle there

  Tailgate less in traffic. 
Tailgating may be an attempt to send a message to another driver to move over or speed up, but it endangers others and is a sign of impatience.

  Take public transportation. 
As discussed in many other guidelines, using alternatives to the automobile for transportation can reduce the negative impact you have on the environment. When possible, take public transporation instead.

Working from home saves fuel, reduces pollution and traffic as well as being easier on you and your family.

  Try to keep your babies quiet when on an airplane. 
An airplane is an uncomfortable place for adults. It is especially uncomfortable for infants. If you bring your baby on the airplane, pay extra attention to their comfort and try hard to keep them quiet for the sake of the other passengers' comfort

  Use an electric car. 
Electric vehicles use power from the grid and they don't produce harmful exhast emissions. Using an electric car is very earth-friendly.

  Use bike messenger services. 
Using a bicycle messenger service for in town deliveries saves gas, reduces pollution and it removes cars from the road.

  Wear a helmet while bicycling. 
Wearing a helmet eveytime you ride your bike protects, your head against head injuries. You may feel silly wearing it on short trips but you never know when you may need it.

  When driving, be aware of bicycles and share the road! 
Cyclists help to keep our air and water clean. Plus, it's one less car on the road causing more frustrating traffic. Cyclists pay taxes, and have the same rights to the road as drivers. Do the right thing and watch out for their safety!

  When driving, don't speed. 
Respect posted speed limits, because speeding can cause accidents, injuries, and death.

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