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  Be informed about environmental issues. 
Staying informed about environmental issues helps one vote knowledgably and purchase wisely, affecting change.

  Be less materialistic. 
Being less materialistic brings added dimension to life. Looking beyond monetary value allows us to enjoy things for their usefulness. We can do with less stuff and put more of an emphasis on enjoying people, nature, and the world around us.

  Be more honest. 
Our lives can be very complicated socially and professionally, not being truthful unnecessarily complicates it more and promotes unhappiness.

  Enjoy sunrises and sunsets. 
Watching the sun rise or set allows us to witness our spinning solar system in action. Taking time out to enjoy this beautiful display encourages us to appreciate the larger scale of life. It puts things in perspective.

  Keep your bedroom clean. 
When our bedroom is clean and organized, we can effectively organize the rest of our life; our clothes are cleaner and less rinkled, we can find our car keys and friends want to visit and maybe even sleep over.

  Learn to play an instrument. 
There is little in terms of personal enrichment that is more enriching than gaining the ability to play music. It has been shown to improve memory capacity in children and it literaly brings music to our lives.

  Listen to yourself! 
If you find yourself trying to make a difficult decision, sit down, alone, and think. Listen to what your sould is trying to tell you and do it!

  Love people 
Showing sincere love makes everyone happy:-)

  Make art. 
Whether you have specific skills or are artisticly inept, creating art is good for the soul. The mind awakens spiritual energy within and it comes out in the form of visual and tangible stuff that others can see. It is magic.

When we meditate, our mind and body are able to be quiet, contemplative or just completely blank. Insight often comes to those who seek it and inner peace ferments.

  Rent or borrow things you don't use often. 
Renting or borrowing things that you don't have a regular need for saves money, storage space, and keeps the world less cluttered with unnecessary items. It is best if we can share the use of these items so we don't have to build and trash as many.

  Sing or whistle out loud. 
Singing and whistling lightens the spirits and spreads one's infectious joy. When one makes a "joyful noise", one creates positivity and optimism.

  Think good thoughts 
By thinking good thoughts we promote positive energy within ourselves and toward the outside world.

Write everyday to let your feelings out and to have a better understanding of yourself, situations and relationships. write for fun and creativity. write stories and poetry. share your writing with others.

  Write a GoodHumans guideline of your own. 
Writing a guideline adds to the community opinion of what a goodhuman is. It takes a brief amount of time but it shows that one cares about goodness enough to contribute to the collective thought.

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I'm feeling lucky

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