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      Acknowledge good qualities. 
    What is more honorable than being an unsung hero? Acknowledging the good deeds and qualities in others.

      Always give the benefit of the doubt 
    Have the courage not to presume the worst and you won't become a cynical old bastard. Instead, you will always keep your possibilities open.

      ask how their day was 
    Any wo/man loves to be a part of your life. Asking them how their day was is a great way for the two of become closer.

      Be more honest. 
    Our lives can be very complicated socially and professionally, not being truthful unnecessarily complicates it more and promotes unhappiness.

      Be more of a gentleperson. 
    The dictates of proper social conduct are that we be courteous, gracious and honorable, including opening doors, pulling out chairs and walking on the traffic side of the sidewalk for others. This shows our respect and our disintersest in conflict.

      BE nice all the time 
    you gotta be nice toi everone before you can even be considered nice

      Be tactful yet firm in uncomfortable situations. 
    Be kind. But do not feel badly about protecting
    yourself and the people you care about from dangerous situations
    by asserting yourself, tactfully and firmly.

      Don't kill people. 
    Don't kill people, you'll regret it later. Its bad for the soul, Karma and possibilities for future happiness.

      Don't steal. 
    Stealing may be an expedient way to aquire wealth or an object of desire, but it all comes back in the end and it will be you who is stolen from.

      Forgive instead of holding grudges. 
    When we hold grudges we store bitterness, anger and resentment, which produces unhappiness within. Forgiving those who cross us allows us to become more content and happy people.

      Help others 
    Do what you can lend a helping hand to those in need.

      Listen more intently when others speak. 
    Listening more intently to others allows them to more fully communicate, while you gain a better understanding of them and what they are saying.

      One love 
    We all want the same love and be loved. So unite and always try to feel empathy for others.

      Remember birthdays. 
    We all have them and when they pass unnoticed by others we may feel hurt. Remembering the birthdays of others is one way to show we care and that they are important to us.

      Respect Those With Whom You Disagree 
    Everybody has a valid point of view. Respect those who disagree with you and try to understand their point of view.

      Return phone and email messages. 
    It is frustrating to leave a message on an answering service or to email someone without them getting back to you. It is important to return contact as soon as is convinient, so a person knows that the message was received.

      Send thank you cards. 
    Sending a thank you card is a small gesture that goes a long way. Expressing your thanks with a quick note will mean a lot to the person who did something nice for you.

    Smiling makes you feel good, uses fewer muscles than frowning, and is sure to brighten someones day.

      Treat all persons equally. 
    Unfair treatment on the basis of gender, race, age, religion etc. limits social, cultural and economic exchange, and is counterproductive in an open society and free-market.

      Visit a far-flung friend. 
    It may be possible to keep a friend without it, but traveling to visit a friend in person gives life a sense of continuity.

      When something isn't how you want it to be, be supportive. 
    Just remember, hurting someone's feelings is never a good thing! Be constructive when criticizing, and point out positive things before the negative, so the person doesn't feel like a complete failure!

      Always look under public bathroom stalls before waiting in line. 
    Be courteous and give a quick look under the bathroom stall doors to make sure that all stalls are occupied before you create a line.

      Be a friend. 
    Want a friend? Be a friend.

      Be a giving lover. 
    Romantic and sexual relationships connect people in physical and emotional partnership, necessitating the giving and receiving of both parties. A good balance ferments trust and harmony, adding to the enjoyment, benefiting both individuals.

      Be a mentor. 
    Mentorship is a legacy of giving, it enriches individuals and society. Education is incomplete without the guidance and wisdom of one who is accomplished and successful.

      Be a tutor. 
    When someone is having difficulty learning something that we already know, offering to tutor them greatly increases their chances of success. It is a refresher and chances are that someone helped us learn a thing or two.

      Be a whistle-blower. 
    Calling attention to unsafe, unscrupulous, illegal or unfair situations at work is a brave and good thing to do. The fear of losing your job is no reason to let flagrant misuse of power continue.

      Be an online activist. 
    The computer can be a powerful tool for affecting change. As a grass-roots building resource one can contact politicians, citizens and voters in a way that was impossible a few short years ago.

      Be an unsung hero. 
    Working honorably and without needing recognition, focusing on the deed, not the rewards, eliminates reward oriented and competitive motivations, lending a less anxious and more dignified quality to work and life.

      Be friendly to strangers. 
    We are a society of strangers; they are us and we are them. Being friendly to all whom we encounter brings enjoyment and dignity to our lives and our community.

      Be informed about environmental issues. 
    Staying informed about environmental issues helps one vote knowledgably and purchase wisely, affecting change.

      Be less judgemental of others. 
    People come in all shapes, sizes and behaviors and none of us are perfect; we all have our disappointing moments. Accepting others for who they are allows us to feel more comfortable being who we are. Judge not lest ye be judged etc. etc.

      Be less materialistic. 
    Being less materialistic brings added dimension to life. Looking beyond monetary value allows us to enjoy things for their usefulness. We can do with less stuff and put more of an emphasis on enjoying people, nature, and the world around us.

      Be quiet in the library. 

      Breast feed your baby. 
    Your baby benefits when breast fed, mother's milk is much more nutritious than formula and the baby forms a closer bond with the mother when breast fed. The earth benefits because the formula comes in packaging which must be disposed of.

      Call your mother. 
    Parents may desire more contact with their sons and daughters than the offspring themselves.

      Don't pick fights. 
    People may upset us, but that is no reason to become physically confrontational. Resorting to violence doesn't solve problems, it exasorbates them.

      Don't stalk people 
    when you are in a relationship with someone, do NOT overdo it. spend some time with them, but not too much. if you find that the person you "love" is the only person you ever want to be with, go get some friends, because they will probably tell you to ge

      Don't swear in front of children. 
    Children need positive and optimistic environments, swearing infront of them serves to infect them with meanness, coloring their world with disharmony.

      Donate your long hair for wigs for chemotherapy patients. 
    If you have long hair and plan on getting it cut, consider donating it to charity. There are organizations who will take your hair and creat realistic wigs for children and adults suffering through chemotherapy.


      Encourage others to recycle. 
    Everyone has been educated in one way or another about the benefits of recycling, but many people still don't do it. It just might take a little bit of peer pressure from a friend to encourage them to think about sorting out their recyclables.

      Enjoy sunrises and sunsets. 
    Watching the sun rise or set allows us to witness our spinning solar system in action. Taking time out to enjoy this beautiful display encourages us to appreciate the larger scale of life. It puts things in perspective.

      Forgive people when they make mistakes. 
    Remember that we all make mistakes. If someone does something that causes problems for you, remember that they may not have done so out of spite.

      Get AIDs tested. 
    Not everyone uses protection all of the time, and most likely you haven't either. There is a several year delay between the time one becomes infected and when it can be detected.

      Give a manicure. 
    Giving a manicure is a nice thing to do on several levels. You are helping someone manage their problem nails and cuticles while you share a little face-to-face hand holding and communication. The manicure exchange is also very nice.

      Give flowers to friends and loved ones. 
    Giving flowers is a very caring and loving gesture whether you purchase an expensive bouquet or pick them fresh from your yard or garden. A single flower is beautiful by itself or you can create a fragrant bouquet by arranging several of them artfully.

      Give spare change to panhandlers. 
    Some are truely down on their luck or are having difficulty getting back on track, others are drunks, addicts or petty scam artists but no one should have to go hungry. Giving spare change can help them get food or whatever else they deem necessary.

      Give what money you can to friends in need and do not request repayment. 
    Cheerfully present an amount of money you can and tell your friends you know they'd do the same for you if you needed some. This behavior will leave everyone comfortable about the help you provided.. charitalble and may help them to be housed and fed.

      Guys, put the seat down. 
    It is common courtesy, good hygiene and one of our basic social mores, to exhibit proper toilet behavior. Lift the seat - keeping it as clean as possible - then flush, and drop the seat when finished.
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