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  Adopt a pet from the shelter. 
Rescuing an unwanted or runaway animal from an adoption center saves the life of the animal and brings joy to yours.

  Buy pet beds made out of natural or recycled materials. 

  Clean up after your dog 
It's smelly and inconvenient, but it's your mess and you should clean it up

  Don't eat dogs. 
Dogs are domesticated animals which we should not consume.

  Don't let your dog chase cats. 
Many dogs will take off after a cat as soon as they see it. This endangers the dog and really endangers the cat. Make your you have control of your dog if there is a cat nearby.


Cats use their claws for everything from grooming to fighting to marking their territory, declawing them is unnecessary and leaves them without their primary means of protection.


  Get rid of fleas naturally. 

  Have pets. 
Pets remind us of the simplicity of life, they can be playful and very affectionate. When we take care of a pet, we are focused on something that brings happiness to us, which makes us better people.

  If you dont have time- Don't have a pet. 
Many people have good intentions when they first ADOPT/buy a pet- but all too often the animal is left alone in a kennel or tied up in the back yard. It's important for an animal to have plenty of time, love, and attention so it can grow up into a healthy

  Keep your dog's water bowl filled. 
Your dog needs plenty of water to be healthy and he can't always tell you when he is thirsty.

  Love your pet 
give your pet lots of adoration, pet it often, pay attention to it, strive to do the same in all your intimate relationships

  Spay and neuter your pets. 
With so many pets in need of adoption, there is no reason to have your pets reproduce. Low cost spay and neuter clinics are available.

  Train your dog  poll closed
A well trained dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog is good for humans.

  Understand the importance of regular pet grooming. 
Professional grooming keeps your pet clean and happy. Regular brushing and combing helps maintain a groomed pet and is a great way to spend quality time with pets.

  Use a hemp dog collar for your dog. 
It's important to reduce all beef industry by-products such as leather products like dog collars. Nylon or other plastic alternatives are polluting when created and they don't biodegrade. Hemp is the only way to go. It is very tough and it biodegrades.

  Use hemp leashes. 
Use hemp leashes as an alternative to leather or nylon leashes. Leather is an animal by-product and nylon does not biodegrade. Hemp and other natural-fiber leashes are durable, functional, and biodegradable. In addition they look great.

  Use non-toxic pet shampoo. 

  Vaccinate your pet(s). 
Vaccinate all of your pets. If money is a concern, there are many low-cost and even free vaccination clinics available.

  Walk your dog 
Dogs need lots of exercise and socialization to be happy and healthy.

  Wash your dog (and other pets) in a tub. 
Use a tub when washing your dog or other pets. Using the outside hose alone to wash animals wastes water. Using a tub, whether the bathtub inside, or a portable tub outside, ensures that you make the most of the water needed to get your pet clean.

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