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  Remember birthdays. 
We all have them and when they pass unnoticed by others we may feel hurt. Remembering the birthdays of others is one way to show we care and that they are important to us.

  Work to maintain long-term friendships. 
Distance and time can seperate old friends. Making contact once in a while keeps the friendship alive, rather than losing a friend forever because of neglect.

  Travel to different places  superceeded
Whether you circumnavigate the globe or visit a neighboring town, traveling shows us what the world is like in other places; we gain insight into the lives of others and learn about ourselves in the process.

  Make baked goods for others.  superceeded
When baking for others, we focus our thoughts and energy on them and they are able to taste our affection.

  Forgive instead of holding grudges.  superceeded
When we hold grudges we store bitterness, anger and resentment, which produces unhappiness within. Forgiving those who cross us allows us to become more content and happy people.

  Keep your bedroom clean.  superceeded
When our bedroom is clean and organized, we can effectively organize the rest of our life; our clothes are cleaner and less rinkled, we can find our car keys and friends want to visit and maybe even sleep over.

  Dine with others. 
When we sit down to eat a meal with others, it elevates a daily mundane activity into a more enjoyable occasion. We have a little time to share our thoughts, some conversation, and the experience of being together.

  Have plants and flowers in your home. 
Plants and flowers brighten our environment, bringing life and beauty to any space. They require regular watering, ritually bringing us into their world and expanding ours.

  Invite friends over. 
When friends visit, we share our home and open our lives to them. Our hospitality is a treaty of friendship.

  Turn off lights when they are not needed. 
Save energy and help prevent global warming, turn off lights in unused areas.

  Heat your home more efficiently.  superceeded
Save energy and help prevent global warming by maximizing the efficiency of heating and cooling systems in the home, use double paned windows, insulation, ceiling fans and don't use the heater when away.

  Use energy efficient large appliances. 
Save energy and prevent global warming by using a low energy, high efficiency fridge and washing machine, and by using large loads instead of small, and drying clothes on a line.

  Conserve water in the bathroom. 
By using a low flow shower head, a toilet water displacement device, by taking showers instead of baths and letting the "yellow mellow", one can conserve an enormous amount of water.

  Make eco-friendly packaging choices. 
Eco-friendly packaging such as: reusable containers, recycled packaging, and items with the least amount of packaging, are easy on landfills, our dwindling natural recources and our wallets.

  Be a designated driver.  superceeded
Intentionally staying sober to drive others who are drinking, saves lives, driving records and thousands of dollars in fines.

  Enjoy sunrises and sunsets. 
Watching the sun rise or set allows us to witness our spinning solar system in action. Taking time out to enjoy this beautiful display encourages us to appreciate the larger scale of life. It puts things in perspective.

  Use rechargable batteries.  superceeded
Batteries contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment when disposed of. They run down and must be replaced regularly. Using rechargable batteries saves money and doesn't pollute the earth.

  Make christmas and birthday gifts.  superceeded
When we make christmas or birthday gifts in the kitchen, or create items from discarded materials, we save natural resources and reduce potential waste, while giving from the heart.

  Be friendly to strangers. 
We are a society of strangers; they are us and we are them. Being friendly to all whom we encounter brings enjoyment and dignity to our lives and our community.

  Be a giving lover.  superceeded
Romantic and sexual relationships connect people in physical and emotional partnership, necessitating the giving and receiving of both parties. A good balance ferments trust and harmony, adding to the enjoyment, benefiting both individuals.

  Refill the ice-cube tray. 
It is frustrating to go the freezer needing ice, only to find that the ice-cube tray has been emptied and not refilled. Refilling the tray is an investment in the future coldness of soft drinks, coctails and water for you and others.

  Guys, put the seat down. 
It is common courtesy, good hygiene and one of our basic social mores, to exhibit proper toilet behavior. Lift the seat - keeping it as clean as possible - then flush, and drop the seat when finished.

  Save money. 
Putting aside a portion of what we earn regularly over time makes our earnings count on an increaseingly larger scale, affording us more financial clout.

When we meditate, our mind and body are able to be quiet, contemplative or just completely blank. Insight often comes to those who seek it and inner peace ferments.

  Sing or whistle out loud. 
Singing and whistling lightens the spirits and spreads one's infectious joy. When one makes a "joyful noise", one creates positivity and optimism.

  Plan your family well.  superceeded
Putting some thought into various family options before one is forced to, serves us and future generations as well.

  Live in an eco-friendly home. 
Renovate a home close to town, live in a recycled steel home, a straw bale or a cobb home. Eco-friendly homes give back to the community, conserving energy and natural resources while saving building costs.

  Repair rather than discard. 
Being handy around the house helps prolong the life of older items and reincarnates broken ones. It reduces land-fill over crowding, saves invaluable natural resources and is intensely frugal.

  Recycle household water. 
A high percentage of the water we use runs "down the drain." Much of that water can be reclaimed. Save rinse water for plants, collect preheated shower water as well as run off from roof tops in buckets for household use.

  Shop around.  superceeded
Doing a little research and comparison shopping allows one to get the best price on exactly the item needed. Reducing household clutter from poor choices and unnecessary items.

  Be less materialistic. 
Being less materialistic brings added dimension to life. Looking beyond monetary value allows us to enjoy things for their usefulness. We can do with less stuff and put more of an emphasis on enjoying people, nature, and the world around us.

  Garden organically. 
Using natural pesticides and fertilizers and other organic gardening techniques, one can reduce chemical run-off, create a less harmful environment and produce great tasting and beautiful looking plants.

  Maintain a good driving record. 
Being a safe and sober driver, getting few tickets and taking care of the few one does get, enables one to move about freely in an automobile and indicates a certain level of personal responsibility.

  Pay back personal loans. 
People who lend us money are good people who should be valued highly, and above all, paid back. We can move forward with dignity allowing us to make closer, more authentic connections with people.

  Shop around. 
Doing a little research and comparison shopping allows one to get the best price on exactly the item needed. This reduces household clutter from poor choices and unnecessary items.

  Have pets.  superceeded
Pets remind us of the simplicity of life, they can be playful and very affectionate. When we take care of a pet, we are focused on something that brings happiness to us, which makes us better people.

  Maintain someone's home while they are away. 
Leaving home for a number of days can necessitate help maintaining animals, plants, mail etc.; visiting the home of a traveling friend periodically, gives the appearance that someone is living there, thwarting would-be robbers.

  Be more of a gentleperson. 
The dictates of proper social conduct are that we be courteous, gracious and honorable, including opening doors, pulling out chairs and walking on the traffic side of the sidewalk for others. This shows our respect and our disintersest in conflict.

  Support independent radio. 
Independent radio stations need our support, it is good to help financially or just to listen, because the programming is free from corporate control and the incredible bias inherant there. This makes for a more well rounded and interesting person.

  Stop fights between others. 
Being a peace-maker, by stopping a violent struggle or encouraging resolution to an arguement between friends, may possibly be intrusive and even dangerous, but it positively affects social change immediately and it is very heroic.

  Be good.  superceeded
Want a more happy and fulfilling life? Try to be good.

  Support peaceful protests.  superceeded
Peaceful protesting is a form of free speech that may be employed when one feels attention needs to he focused on a certain unfairness or issue. Often the only way we know about certain issues, is because some brave indviduals staged a protest.

  Fill your dishwasher.  superceeded
Run your dishwasher only with a full load. For drying, use the energy-saving setting instead of heat.

  Use only cold or warm water when washing clothing. 
Using cold or warm water when washing clothing instead of hot, saves energy and prolongs the life of clothing.

  Keep your water heater set lower than 120 degrees. 
Turning down the setting on your water heater thermostat saves energy; 120 degrees is usually hot enough.

  Keep your thermostat adjusted for energy efficiency.  superceeded
Not overheating or overcooling rooms by monitoring your heater/air conditioner thermostat by turning it off when not needed, saving an enormous amount of energy.

  Flush only when neccessary. 
Reducing the number of toilet flushes per day, by "letting the yellow mellow" can save an enormous amount of water.

  Take showers instead of baths. 
Showering requires less water than it takes to fill a bath tub and saves time too.

  Keep your thermostat adjusted for energy efficiency. 
Not overheating or overcooling rooms by monitoring your heater/air conditioner thermostat by turning it off when not needed, saves an enormous amount of energy.

  Use low flow shower heads. 
Low flow shower heads conserve water by reducing the amount of water while increasing water pressure.
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