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  Buy beer in bulk. 
Purchasing beer in the largest container possible saves having to manufacture and recycle all of those pesky cans and bottles, and it saves money too.

  Buy clothing for your child made from organic cotton material. 
Buying clothing for your child made of organic cotton insures you that toxic chemicals from the pesticide laden cotton production process aren't going to irritate baby's soft skin. Buying organic is also beneficial for the environment.

  Buy eco-friendly cleaners. 
Household cleaners are solutions of powerful cleaning agents and abrasives which may be ideal for cleaning stains, they also damage the environment.

  Buy eggs in cardboard flats. 
The cardboard "flats" used in egg packaging are made of recycled newspaper, they are recyclable and biodegrade quickly while polystyrene (styrofoam) takes lifetimes to biodegrade and it produces harmful chemical buyproducts when it does.

  Buy genetic engineering-free food. 
Foods altered on a genetic level to play up favorable characteristics, may be large and colorful but the effects of genetic manipulation are unknown, to the extent that Europe and New Zealand have bans on the sale of produce affected this way.

  Buy green power 
Renewable and "green" energy utilizes wind and water turbine power and solar power. It does not pollute the atmosphere when being produced and it costs the same as unrenewable and polluting energy sources.

  Buy handicrafts directly from artists or from an artisan co-op. 
Buying handicrafts directly from an artist or from an organized local artisans co-op ensures that the money you spend will go directly to the artist.

  Buy less leather. 
Killing animals for wearable items is a horrid way to clothe ourselves. Not purchasing leather goods saves cow's lives.

  Buy locally produced goods and services. 
Purchasing local products stabilizes jobs and bolsters the economy.

  Buy organically grown food 
Pesticides pollute the water and land.

  Buy organically grown tea instead of commercially grown tea. 
As we all know, pesticides are harmful to the health of our planet and the beings who reside here. Buying organic tea is one way to help keep our soil, water and bodies free from carcinogenic and other toxic substances.

  Buy pet beds made out of natural or recycled materials. 

  Buy products in bulk. 
Buying products in bulk reduces packaging waste, especially if you bring your own reusable containers. It's usually more economical too.

  Buy products made from recycled material. 
Purchasing products made from recycled material reduces the need for new materials to be produced which conserves natural resources. This reduces waste because used materials aren't occupying landfill space.

  Buy recycled paper rather than tree-free. 
Tree-free paper may be cool, but it doesn't help the environment as much as recycled paper does. By reusing the trees we've already cut down, we keep trash out of the landfills and we reuse the resources we already spent water and energy harvesting, espe

  Buy socially responsible and fair trade products 
When you buy socially responsible products you help the environment and everyone who was involved in making that product Plus you can affirm you values. Think of it as voting with your dollar.

  Buy tree-free paper. 
Purchasing paper manufactured with tobacco, banana leaf, denim, recycled wood pulp, or hemp, saves trees and is very cool.

  Buy whole fruits and vegetables. 
Buy whole fruits and vegetables to avoid the unnecessary trays and wraps. This reduces waste and you are more likely to get fresher produce at lower prices this way.

  Call your mother. 
Parents may desire more contact with their sons and daughters than the offspring themselves.

  Car pool. 
Put two people going to the same place, in the same car, and the environment benefits.

  Carry and use your own coffee mug or other beverage container. 
Carry your own beverage container instead of using the paper or plastic cups provided at stores and coffee shops.

  Check paper boxes (cereal etc.) to ensure they are recycled. 
Checking paper box packaging, such as cereal boxes, to ensure they are recycled (the unprinted side should be grey not white) saves paper, trees, and reuces waste.

  Chemical Free Organic Products 
Lather yourself with healthy, life encouraging bath and body products for you and your family

  Choose cremation instead of excavation. 
Cremation uses relatively little energy as compared with the fuel used to power a backhoe to dig a proper burial hole. Modern cremation utilizes air filtration and produces little in terms of air pollution as compared with excavation equipment.

  Chop your veggies by hand. 
Rather than using a noisy, electric appliance, save energy and exercise your muscles by hand-chopping vegetables.

  Clean and replace air conditioner filters. 
By simply cleaning that dirty filter in your air conditioner, you can save 5% of the energy used and reduce carbon dioxide.

  Clean up after your dog 
It's smelly and inconvenient, but it's your mess and you should clean it up

  Clean up after your Pet to help prevent water pollution and desease. 
Dogs generate disease-causing bacteria that can make people sick. Studies done in the last few years put dogs third or fourth on the list of contributors to bacteria in contaminated waters. If you do not want to do it yourself hire a professional like Du

  Co-ops - support and join local co-ops 
Health food or grocery co-ops often promote package- and pesticide-free food. Support or volunteer at your local cooperative.

  Commit Genocide 
Murder every person belonging to a particular race or religion. Jews and blacks have been quite popular throughout history. Spare no baby nor female.

  Compost kitchen scraps, leaves and yard clippings. 
Leaves, yard clippings and kitchen scraps can be composted, reducing landfill glut, and producing, rich organic gardening fertilizer.

  Compost the dust swept up from the floor. 
Dust, hair, sand, dirt and kitchen food scraps are all great for the compost pile. In a lifetime one could save quite a bit of landfill space while enriching the land where one lives.

  Compost your leaves and yard debris. 
Compost your leaves and yard debris or take them to a yard debris recycler. Burning them creates air pollution, and putting them out with the trash wastes landfill space.

  Conserve water in the bathroom. 
By using a low flow shower head, a toilet water displacement device, by taking showers instead of baths and letting the "yellow mellow", one can conserve an enormous amount of water.

  Consider alternative health remedies. 
Doctors seem like dealers for drug companies. They are quick to write prescriptions for pain killers to reduce symptoms but not specific causes of illness. Alternative health practitioners address the body as a whole, which is a more healing approach.

  Consider buying necessary items at flea markets or garage sales. 
As they say, "one man's trash is another man's treasure". Some of my most treasured items I have bought second hand, such as sweatshirts, pots & pans, tools, etc. Re-using and refurbishing old items saves landfill space and also tends to satisfy that

  Consider renting an eco-friendly rental car. 
Environmental Vehicle Rental rents alternative fuel vehicles, including electric and gas, which are less harmful to the environment than regular combustion engine vehicles.

  Consider telecommuting options for your employees. 
Even one day a week of not driving can make a huge differnece both ecologically and with worker moral. Many employees would be more productive with the kind of un-interrupted one can get a home, away from the social office environment.

Being vegan is good for the environment, the animals, yourself, and everyone else in the world.

  Contact elected officials to express concerns. 
Calling or writing elected officials to let them know how you stand on issues can have a great impact on legistlation and their votes on issues.

  Create a lawnmower-free zone in your yard. 
Challenge conventional wisdom of what a yard should be, by designating at least a portion of your yard as a "no-mow" zone, allowing grasses, weeds and local naturally seeding plants to grow, providing food for birds and other critters.

  Dine with others. 
When we sit down to eat a meal with others, it elevates a daily mundane activity into a more enjoyable occasion. We have a little time to share our thoughts, some conversation, and the experience of being together.

  Do a home exchange for your next vacation. 

  Do work for other people ,for favour rather than cash 
some people can not always afford to pay for your services with cash, but they may be able to provide a service to you in return.

  don't be so sanctimonious/use violence NOT peacefull protest(its what they understand)  rejected
rather than sit around pontificating on whether u are a good human and lobbying your m.p/congressman/dictator/whatever go and start a riot or kill a cop, it'ss the only language they understand betterstill kill your m.p./congressman or burn down starbuc

  Don't buy clothes that require dry cleaning. 
Dry cleaning pollutes the environment and the chemicals are toxic to humans.

  Don't eat cow flesh 
Stop eating all food which contains cow

  Don't eat dogs. 
Dogs are domesticated animals which we should not consume.

  Don't exceed the speed limit 
Efficiency of fuel, of vehicle, and of human safety is greatly improved.

  Don't kill people. 
Don't kill people, you'll regret it later. Its bad for the soul, Karma and possibilities for future happiness.
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