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  Breast feed your baby. 
Your baby benefits when breast fed, mother's milk is much more nutritious than formula and the baby forms a closer bond with the mother when breast fed. The earth benefits because the formula comes in packaging which must be disposed of.

  Eat fresh fruit and vegetables. 
Fiberous foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables reduce your risk of cancer and saves money on medical bills.

  Resist wearing fur. 
The fur industry's product production depends on the brutal killing of intellgent, magestic wild animals. It is uneccessary to kill animals for our coats.

  Eat dophin-free tuna.  superceeded
Over 25,000 dolphins are killed yearly in tuna nets. Dolphin-free tuna is slightly more expensive but spares thousands of beautiful and highly intelligent animals.

  Avoid using products tested on animals. 
Animal testing is a cruel practice that tortures animals causing them pain and often blindness. Avoiding products that use animal testing save unimaginable pain to hundreds of thousands of animals.

  Buy less leather. 
Killing animals for wearable items is a horrid way to clothe ourselves. Not purchasing leather goods saves cow's lives.

  Read the daily news.  superceeded
When we read the daily news, we stay informed, expand our vocabulary, and stay in direct contact with our society and culture.

  Reduce waste. 
Reducing household waste by making eco-friendly purchases, sorting out recyclables and simply being more aware of the trash we produce drasticly reduces landfill glut and it also limits the amount of natural resources we expend.

  Drink less milk.  superceeded
Dairy products are produced by horribly and cruely exploiting cows. The days of a Jersey cow grazing in the romanticly tall grasses of a meadow are long gone. That cow is caged, fattened and sucked by a machine. Whats more? Milk is poison for humans.

  Create a lawnmower-free zone in your yard. 
Challenge conventional wisdom of what a yard should be, by designating at least a portion of your yard as a "no-mow" zone, allowing grasses, weeds and local naturally seeding plants to grow, providing food for birds and other critters.

  Root for underdogs. 
It is easy to support winners but it requires character to root for the underprivileged, the unfavored and the losing. Victory is sweeter when underdogs win and sometimes the underdog is you.

  Be a defensive driver.  superceeded
Cars are immensely heavy objects that travel at great rates of speed in all directions around us as we endeavor to navigate the terrain. We have no control over what these other cars are doing, so for the sake of your safety please drive defensively.

  Keep your freezer more than 2/3 filled. 
Freezers operate most efficiently when they are at least 2/3 full. Keeping it full requires less energy to chill the empty space, which saves energy and lowers your power bill.

  Work for employers who don't piss test 
More and more companies are instituting policies that dictate the private behavior of employees. Requiring a worker or a job applicant to submit to drug testing ferments an atmoshpere of distrust. It focuses on private behavior not the quality of work.

  Buy whole fruits and vegetables. 
Buy whole fruits and vegetables to avoid the unnecessary trays and wraps. This reduces waste and you are more likely to get fresher produce at lower prices this way.

  Donate your old car to charity. 
Donating your old car saves your having to advertise and deal with the parade of potential buyers. A charitable organization can use it and they will come and pick it up, running or not and you get a tax deduction to boot.

  Take part in local politics. 
If you are not interested in local politics it is a good chance that you and others like you are not being properly represented. Your city council should be acting in your best interest and to do that they need to here your opinions.

  Turn aluminum cans into cash. 
Cans are redeemable in every state and in some areas they fetch 15 cents. This money is paid when the product is purchased to insure that the aluminum isn't wasted littering the environment. This keeps the world clean and puts money in your pocket.

You can volunteer your time to pick up trash on the highways or in a park, write letters to congressmen, or teach children about nature. Explore all the ways to get involved, and pick something that excites you.

  Be an environmental activist.  superceeded
It is very important that those individuals, who are concerned about the environment, are active and speak out to affect change. Each individual may be a drop in the ocean but together we can create wave of public opinion around the planet.

  Share your newspaper with others. 
Newspapers are disposable items that have a usable life of one day. Almost everybody is interested in one section or another so spread the news and share your paper. No need in buying 5 copies when 1 will do.

  Give a manicure.  superceeded
Giving a manicure is a nice thing to do on several levels. You are helping someone manage their problem nails and cuticles while you share a little face-to-face hand holding and communication. The manicure exchange is also very nice.

  Minimize campfire impacts 
Campfires can be integral to the camping experience but they can ruin pristine nature areas. Taking care to minimize the effects of a campfire by digging it under and packing it with fresh dirt allows plants grow and it reduces harm wildlife.

  Leave what you find when you're in a natural area. 
In some heavily traveled scenic areas folks have carried off whatever they can for momentos and landscaping enhancements leaving little for future visitors to enjoy.

  Reuse cash register receipts, phone bills etc. for scratch paper 
Cash register receipts and other one-use paper usually has an unprinted backside that can be reused. This saves trees and reduces waste. By saving these paper scraps you'll always be ready to do something good for the planet.

  Rent or borrow things you don't use often. 
Renting or borrowing things that you don't have a regular need for saves money, storage space, and keeps the world less cluttered with unnecessary items. It is best if we can share the use of these items so we don't have to build and trash as many.

  Add mulch around your plants. 
Adding a mulch around plants slows water evaporation, saving water and giving plants a protective covering that will keep them moist even in the hotest weather. There is enormous water savings when all of your plants have a layer of mulch.

  Buy eggs in cardboard flats.  superceeded
The cardboard "flats" used in egg packaging are made of recycled newspaper, they are recyclable and biodegrade quickly while polystyrene (styrofoam) takes lifetimes to biodegrade and it produces harmful chemical buyproducts when it does.

  Inform your market that you make eco-friendly purchases. 
Tell the managers and/or owners at the stores and restaurants where you shop that you are making your buying decisions based on the environmental impact of products and packaging. They value your input and will make their purchases based on your comment

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