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  Don't let your dog chase cats. 
Many dogs will take off after a cat as soon as they see it. This endangers the dog and really endangers the cat. Make your you have control of your dog if there is a cat nearby.

  Don't litter your cigarette butts 
Everywhere I go, I see tons of cigarette butts and it makes me upset because it is still littering. Hold on to your cigarette until you find an ashtray. If worst comes to worst, make your cigarette IS PUT OUT ALL THE WAY and throw it in a trashcan.

  Don't patronize events that exploit animals 
Circuses, rodeos, horse and dog races, zoos, bullfights and marine parks are just a few examples of events in which animals are exploited for human entertainment. Would you want to live in a cage and perform for people every day of the year?

  Don't pick fights. 
People may upset us, but that is no reason to become physically confrontational. Resorting to violence doesn't solve problems, it exasorbates them.

  Don't pirate satellite signals 
Even if it is cheap and easy, don't steal satellite signals to get free tv.

  Don't stalk people 
when you are in a relationship with someone, do NOT overdo it. spend some time with them, but not too much. if you find that the person you "love" is the only person you ever want to be with, go get some friends, because they will probably tell you to ge

  Don't steal. 
Stealing may be an expedient way to aquire wealth or an object of desire, but it all comes back in the end and it will be you who is stolen from.

  Don't swear in front of children. 
Children need positive and optimistic environments, swearing infront of them serves to infect them with meanness, coloring their world with disharmony.

So, you finally became vegetarian and still have leather shoes you bought a year ago? KEEP THEM!-it's a waiste to toss.Just don't buy anymore of that crap.

  Don't use bleach. 
If every household in the U.S. replaced just one bottle of 32 oz. chlorine bleach with non-chlorine bleach, we could save 4.5 million pounds of chlorine from entering our environment

  Don't use travel agents or tour operators who promote child sex 
There are plenty of travel and tour agencies that promote and sell sex tours that involve children; don?t support these businesses.

  Donate blood. 
Donating blood saves lives. It is an easy (but not entirely painless) way to do something significant for someone in need.

  Donate leftover wedding food to charity. 
Have leftover food from the wedding reception? Donate it to a homeless shelter or other charity.

  Donate old clothing to charity. 
Your jeans may seem old and worn out to you, but they may be just perfect for someone else. Give your clothes a chance at a new life, donate them to the Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other appropriate organization.

  Donate wedding flowers to a nursing home or other charity. 
Donate wedding flowers to those who will really appreciate them, perhaps to a nursing home, womens' shelter, or any other organization that could use some brightening up.

  Donate your long hair for wigs for chemotherapy patients. 
If you have long hair and plan on getting it cut, consider donating it to charity. There are organizations who will take your hair and creat realistic wigs for children and adults suffering through chemotherapy.

  Donate your old car to charity. 
Donating your old car saves your having to advertise and deal with the parade of potential buyers. A charitable organization can use it and they will come and pick it up, running or not and you get a tax deduction to boot.

  Dont introduce non native plant species into a wilderness area 
Non-native plant species can be terribly destructive to natural wilderness habitats. Planting only native plants will insure that fragile eco-balances will not be destroyed.

  Don\'t use to-go containers. 
To-go containers are a convenient, but inefficient and environmentally harmful food storage device.


Cats use their claws for everything from grooming to fighting to marking their territory, declawing them is unnecessary and leaves them without their primary means of protection.

Driving slow is fine, but doing so in the fast lane is dangerous and irritating to other drivers. Use the right lane if driving slow.

A dripping faucet can waste an amazing amount of water. Fix leaking or dripping faucets as soon as possible.



Styrofoam will never degrade, find a substitute.

  Dr. Kerendian in Beverly Hills, Lipotropic Injections for Weight Loss 
Lose 10 lbs or more with natural medicine. Injections are combination of Amino Acids and Vitamins

  Drink bottled water. 
Tap water can be harmful to our health, it contains treated sewage and the dangerous chemicals used to treat it, and well water is increasingly at risk of becoming polluted. Bottled water is from fresh springs, mountain run-off or is filtered.

  Drink lots and lots of water. 
Everything the human body does is a chemical process. All chemical processes in the body require water. When the body is not properly hydrated it operates at reduced levels. A body thrives with ample water.

  Drink only organic milk from cows that are not mistreated. 
Drinking only organic milk from cows that are not mistreated is mortally acceptable, and healthy for most people. Dairy products are the best food sources of calcium. Not everyone wants to be a vegan. Not everyone wants to be a vegan.

  Drive a more fuel efficient car. 
A fuel efficient car is not only easier on the pocket book, it is easier on the ozone and our limited fossil fuels too. *

  Drive an electric car 
Buy an electric car and drive it instead of a gas powered vehicle whenever possible.

  Drive less 
Extraneous driving acts only to waste fuel and pollute the atmosphere. It may seem like it is our birthright to "just drive", but nothing could be further from the truth.

  Dumpster Diving 
Are you too embarassed to tell people that you use things that people don't need anymore?

  Eat dophin-free tuna. 
Over 25,000 dolphins are killed yearly in tuna nets. Dolphin-free tuna is slightly more expensive but spares thousands of beautiful and highly intelligent animals.

  Eat fewer shrimp. 
The shrimp industry is a huge one which unintentionaly kills sea turtles, which drown in shrimp nets. Save a sea turtle's life, eat fewer shrimp.

  Eat fresh fruit and vegetables. 
Fiberous foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables reduce your risk of cancer and saves money on medical bills.

  Eat less factory farmed poultry 
Try to eat as little factory farmed poultry as possible instead purchase locally grown pastured chicken from organic/sustainable farms

  eat vegan! 
Being vegan is compassionate, ecological, and healthful. What's better than being nice, healthy and saving the planet? (Detailed statistics are available from a number of vegetarian/animal rights sources, such as PETA)

  Educate yourself about permaculture. 
Permaculture is an organic, sustainable way to live with the land. Perhaps there are some elements that could be applied to your home and community.

Don't worry about knowing everything or nothing. Focus on one thing, and become an expert.

  Encourage others to recycle. 
Everyone has been educated in one way or another about the benefits of recycling, but many people still don't do it. It just might take a little bit of peer pressure from a friend to encourage them to think about sorting out their recyclables.

  Engage in meaningful work 
Meaningful work allows us the opportunity to express our innate talents, creativity, and intellect. Meaningful work is both life-affirming and non-exploitive.

  Enjoy sunrises and sunsets. 
Watching the sun rise or set allows us to witness our spinning solar system in action. Taking time out to enjoy this beautiful display encourages us to appreciate the larger scale of life. It puts things in perspective.

  express yourself to the benefit of others 
Personal expression that give others pause to consider opens paths of communication that are vital to the understanding of others perspectives as long as its by way of their own free will and no one is hurt or property damaged.

  Fill your dishwasher. 
Run your dishwasher only with a full load. For drying, use the energy-saving setting instead of heat.

  Find alternatives to disposable paper gift wrap. 
On Christmas, birthdays, weddings and other giftable occassions an enormous amount wrapping paper finds its way into the trash. Finding alternatives to disposable wrapping paper can save an enormous amount of paper and eliminates waste.

  Find out which companies are polluting your neighborhood. 
Knowledge is power. Once you know who is polluting your neighborhood, you'll be able to do something about it, whether it be lobbying against the company or simply just avoiding the area.

  Fix leaky faucets and "running" toilets. 
Sometimes jiggling the handle isn't enough. That leaky faucet or "running" toilet wastes thousands of gallons of water a month and will finally give you a little peace and quiet.

  Flush only when neccessary. 
Reducing the number of toilet flushes per day, by "letting the yellow mellow" can save an enormous amount of water.
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