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  Acknowledge good qualities. 
What is more honorable than being an unsung hero? Acknowledging the good deeds and qualities in others.

  Add mulch around your plants. 
Adding a mulch around plants slows water evaporation, saving water and giving plants a protective covering that will keep them moist even in the hotest weather. There is enormous water savings when all of your plants have a layer of mulch.

  Add weather strip and caulk around windows and doors. 
Plugging air leaks around doors and windows keeps heat in, saving energy and reducing ozone depleting carbon dioxide.

  Admit to masturbating regularly 
People who deny they like to pleasure themselves occasionally are wankers.

  Adopt a pet from the shelter. 
Rescuing an unwanted or runaway animal from an adoption center saves the life of the animal and brings joy to yours.

  Agape is... The Intent of the Soul 
Agape is, you treat every single living thing as you wish to be treated, for every single living possess soul. If you practice this in your everyday life, the world would be a peaceful place to live, for it is love that feeds the soul

  Always give the benefit of the doubt 
Have the courage not to presume the worst and you won't become a cynical old bastard. Instead, you will always keep your possibilities open.

  Always look under public bathroom stalls before waiting in line. 
Be courteous and give a quick look under the bathroom stall doors to make sure that all stalls are occupied before you create a line.

  Are you Searching for A Job? 
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  ask how their day was 
Any wo/man loves to be a part of your life. Asking them how their day was is a great way for the two of become closer.

  Ask your utility company for a home energy audit. 
Your power company has an energy audit program that will tell you where your home is poorly insulated or energy-inefficient. This information will help you save energy and lower your energy bill.

  Avoid aerosols. 
Avoid aerosols since there is no practical reuse or recycling potential for them. Use products with pumps instead, or use incense or candles to freshen air.

  Avoid excessive x-rays. 
It has been proven that x-rays produce harmful radiation poisoning. Avoiding excessive x-rays can save you from having brain cancer. Not letting the dentist x-ray your mouth every six months can save your life.

  Avoid single helping packages. 
Purchasing "single helping" packages my be convenient in terms of use, but it is wasteful because there is much more packaging over all, which needlessly expends natural resourses, creates more waste and the cost in relation to the amount goes up.

  Avoid the drink box. 
The "aseptic drink box" is made of layers of paper, plastic and aluminum - it can not be recycled. Instead use drink containers that are reusable or at least recycleable.

  Avoid using products tested on animals. 
Animal testing is a cruel practice that tortures animals causing them pain and often blindness. Avoiding products that use animal testing save unimaginable pain to hundreds of thousands of animals.

  Avoid using products tested on animals. 
Animal testing is a cruel practice that tortures animals causing them pain and often blindness. Avoiding products that use animal testing save unimaginable pain to hundreds of thousands of animals.

  Be a defensive driver. 
Cars are immensely heavy objects that travel at great rates of speed in all directions around us as we endeavor to navigate the terrain. We have no control over what these other cars are doing, so for the sake of your safety please drive defensively.

  Be a designated driver. 
Intentionally staying sober to drive others who are drinking, saves lives, driving records and thousands of dollars in fines.

  Be a friend. 
Want a friend? Be a friend.

  Be a giving lover. 
Romantic and sexual relationships connect people in physical and emotional partnership, necessitating the giving and receiving of both parties. A good balance ferments trust and harmony, adding to the enjoyment, benefiting both individuals.

  Be a mentor. 
Mentorship is a legacy of giving, it enriches individuals and society. Education is incomplete without the guidance and wisdom of one who is accomplished and successful.

  Be a tutor. 
When someone is having difficulty learning something that we already know, offering to tutor them greatly increases their chances of success. It is a refresher and chances are that someone helped us learn a thing or two.

  Be a whistle-blower. 
Calling attention to unsafe, unscrupulous, illegal or unfair situations at work is a brave and good thing to do. The fear of losing your job is no reason to let flagrant misuse of power continue.

  Be An Anarchist 
Bringing down society as we know it, is working with, and not against, the natural force of Entropy in the universe. Since Entropy is the strongest force in the universe, being part of this downward decline makes you a "GoodHuman" in my book. So act

  Be an environmental activist. 
It is very important that those individuals, who are concerned about the environment, are active and speak out to affect change. Each individual may be a drop in the ocean but together we can create wave of public opinion around the planet.

  Be an online activist. 
The computer can be a powerful tool for affecting change. As a grass-roots building resource one can contact politicians, citizens and voters in a way that was impossible a few short years ago.

  Be an organ donor. 
Be an organ donor and keep an organ donation card in your wallet. You won't need your organs when you're gone, and they could save someone else's life.

  Be an unsung hero. 
Working honorably and without needing recognition, focusing on the deed, not the rewards, eliminates reward oriented and competitive motivations, lending a less anxious and more dignified quality to work and life.

  Be courteous on the road 
Being considerate of other people on the road makes everyone happier, and safer.

  Be friendly to strangers. 
We are a society of strangers; they are us and we are them. Being friendly to all whom we encounter brings enjoyment and dignity to our lives and our community.

  Be good. 
Want a more happy and fulfilling life? Try to be good.

  Be informed about environmental issues. 
Staying informed about environmental issues helps one vote knowledgably and purchase wisely, affecting change.

  Be less judgemental of others. 
People come in all shapes, sizes and behaviors and none of us are perfect; we all have our disappointing moments. Accepting others for who they are allows us to feel more comfortable being who we are. Judge not lest ye be judged etc. etc.

  Be less materialistic. 
Being less materialistic brings added dimension to life. Looking beyond monetary value allows us to enjoy things for their usefulness. We can do with less stuff and put more of an emphasis on enjoying people, nature, and the world around us.

  Be more honest. 
Our lives can be very complicated socially and professionally, not being truthful unnecessarily complicates it more and promotes unhappiness.

  Be more of a gentleperson. 
The dictates of proper social conduct are that we be courteous, gracious and honorable, including opening doors, pulling out chairs and walking on the traffic side of the sidewalk for others. This shows our respect and our disintersest in conflict.

  BE nice all the time 
you gotta be nice toi everone before you can even be considered nice

  Be quiet in the library. 

  Be Respectful @ Funerals 
The dead deserve our respect.

  Be tactful yet firm in uncomfortable situations. 
Be kind. But do not feel badly about protecting
yourself and the people you care about from dangerous situations
by asserting yourself, tactfully and firmly.

  Become a one-car houshold (if you have 2 or more!) and walk and bike instead of drive. 
Sharing 1 car and biking and walking to run errands etc., saves energy, cuts back on greenhouse gasses, and gets you some exercise in the process!

  Become Gay 
Homosexuals are far more clean and upstanding then the straight slobs. More Homos make the world an A OK place to live and commit sodomy.

Are you a true Christian?

  Breast feed your baby. 
Your baby benefits when breast fed, mother's milk is much more nutritious than formula and the baby forms a closer bond with the mother when breast fed. The earth benefits because the formula comes in packaging which must be disposed of.

  Breastfeed you baby 
Human milk is good for human babies. Formula is a chemical mixture made in labs that is not good for the earth or babies

  Bring your own reusable to-go containers! 
If you usually end up taking half of your meal home from restaurants, why not plan ahead and bring a reusable container with you when you dine out or order take-out food.

  Brush your teeth. 
Brush your teeth twice-a-day, everyday.

  Bundle up rather than blasting the heat. 
Sometimes it's enough just to put on a sweater or warm socks rather than turning up the heat. This can save money and energy!

  Buy beer in bulk. 
Purchasing beer in the largest container possible saves having to manufacture and recycle all of those pesky cans and bottles, and it saves money too.

  Buy clothing for your child made from organic cotton material. 
Buying clothing for your child made of organic cotton insures you that toxic chemicals from the pesticide laden cotton production process aren't going to irritate baby's soft skin. Buying organic is also beneficial for the environment.

  Buy eco-friendly cleaners. 
Household cleaners are solutions of powerful cleaning agents and abrasives which may be ideal for cleaning stains, they also damage the environment.

  Buy eggs in cardboard flats. 
The cardboard "flats" used in egg packaging are made of recycled newspaper, they are recyclable and biodegrade quickly while polystyrene (styrofoam) takes lifetimes to biodegrade and it produces harmful chemical buyproducts when it does.

  Buy genetic engineering-free food. 
Foods altered on a genetic level to play up favorable characteristics, may be large and colorful but the effects of genetic manipulation are unknown, to the extent that Europe and New Zealand have bans on the sale of produce affected this way.

  Buy green power 
Renewable and "green" energy utilizes wind and water turbine power and solar power. It does not pollute the atmosphere when being produced and it costs the same as unrenewable and polluting energy sources.

  Buy handicrafts directly from artists or from an artisan co-op. 
Buying handicrafts directly from an artist or from an organized local artisans co-op ensures that the money you spend will go directly to the artist.

  Buy less leather. 
Killing animals for wearable items is a horrid way to clothe ourselves. Not purchasing leather goods saves cow's lives.

  Buy locally produced goods and services. 
Purchasing local products stabilizes jobs and bolsters the economy.

  Buy organically grown food 
Pesticides pollute the water and land.

  Buy organically grown tea instead of commercially grown tea. 
As we all know, pesticides are harmful to the health of our planet and the beings who reside here. Buying organic tea is one way to help keep our soil, water and bodies free from carcinogenic and other toxic substances.

  Buy pet beds made out of natural or recycled materials. 

  Buy products in bulk. 
Buying products in bulk reduces packaging waste, especially if you bring your own reusable containers. It's usually more economical too.

  Buy products made from recycled material. 
Purchasing products made from recycled material reduces the need for new materials to be produced which conserves natural resources. This reduces waste because used materials aren't occupying landfill space.

  Buy recycled paper rather than tree-free. 
Tree-free paper may be cool, but it doesn't help the environment as much as recycled paper does. By reusing the trees we've already cut down, we keep trash out of the landfills and we reuse the resources we already spent water and energy harvesting, espe

  Buy socially responsible and fair trade products 
When you buy socially responsible products you help the environment and everyone who was involved in making that product Plus you can affirm you values. Think of it as voting with your dollar.

  Buy tree-free paper. 
Purchasing paper manufactured with tobacco, banana leaf, denim, recycled wood pulp, or hemp, saves trees and is very cool.

  Buy whole fruits and vegetables. 
Buy whole fruits and vegetables to avoid the unnecessary trays and wraps. This reduces waste and you are more likely to get fresher produce at lower prices this way.

  Call your mother. 
Parents may desire more contact with their sons and daughters than the offspring themselves.

  Car pool. 
Put two people going to the same place, in the same car, and the environment benefits.

  Carry and use your own coffee mug or other beverage container. 
Carry your own beverage container instead of using the paper or plastic cups provided at stores and coffee shops.

  Check paper boxes (cereal etc.) to ensure they are recycled. 
Checking paper box packaging, such as cereal boxes, to ensure they are recycled (the unprinted side should be grey not white) saves paper, trees, and reuces waste.

  Chemical Free Organic Products 
Lather yourself with healthy, life encouraging bath and body products for you and your family

  Choose cremation instead of excavation. 
Cremation uses relatively little energy as compared with the fuel used to power a backhoe to dig a proper burial hole. Modern cremation utilizes air filtration and produces little in terms of air pollution as compared with excavation equipment.

  Chop your veggies by hand. 
Rather than using a noisy, electric appliance, save energy and exercise your muscles by hand-chopping vegetables.

  Clean and replace air conditioner filters. 
By simply cleaning that dirty filter in your air conditioner, you can save 5% of the energy used and reduce carbon dioxide.

  Clean up after your dog 
It's smelly and inconvenient, but it's your mess and you should clean it up

  Clean up after your Pet to help prevent water pollution and desease. 
Dogs generate disease-causing bacteria that can make people sick. Studies done in the last few years put dogs third or fourth on the list of contributors to bacteria in contaminated waters. If you do not want to do it yourself hire a professional like Du

  Co-ops - support and join local co-ops 
Health food or grocery co-ops often promote package- and pesticide-free food. Support or volunteer at your local cooperative.

  Commit Genocide 
Murder every person belonging to a particular race or religion. Jews and blacks have been quite popular throughout history. Spare no baby nor female.

  Compost kitchen scraps, leaves and yard clippings. 
Leaves, yard clippings and kitchen scraps can be composted, reducing landfill glut, and producing, rich organic gardening fertilizer.

  Compost the dust swept up from the floor. 
Dust, hair, sand, dirt and kitchen food scraps are all great for the compost pile. In a lifetime one could save quite a bit of landfill space while enriching the land where one lives.

  Compost your leaves and yard debris. 
Compost your leaves and yard debris or take them to a yard debris recycler. Burning them creates air pollution, and putting them out with the trash wastes landfill space.

  Conserve water in the bathroom. 
By using a low flow shower head, a toilet water displacement device, by taking showers instead of baths and letting the "yellow mellow", one can conserve an enormous amount of water.

  Consider alternative health remedies. 
Doctors seem like dealers for drug companies. They are quick to write prescriptions for pain killers to reduce symptoms but not specific causes of illness. Alternative health practitioners address the body as a whole, which is a more healing approach.

  Consider buying necessary items at flea markets or garage sales. 
As they say, "one man's trash is another man's treasure". Some of my most treasured items I have bought second hand, such as sweatshirts, pots & pans, tools, etc. Re-using and refurbishing old items saves landfill space and also tends to satisfy that

  Consider renting an eco-friendly rental car. 
Environmental Vehicle Rental rents alternative fuel vehicles, including electric and gas, which are less harmful to the environment than regular combustion engine vehicles.

  Consider telecommuting options for your employees. 
Even one day a week of not driving can make a huge differnece both ecologically and with worker moral. Many employees would be more productive with the kind of un-interrupted one can get a home, away from the social office environment.

Being vegan is good for the environment, the animals, yourself, and everyone else in the world.

  Contact elected officials to express concerns. 
Calling or writing elected officials to let them know how you stand on issues can have a great impact on legistlation and their votes on issues.

  Create a lawnmower-free zone in your yard. 
Challenge conventional wisdom of what a yard should be, by designating at least a portion of your yard as a "no-mow" zone, allowing grasses, weeds and local naturally seeding plants to grow, providing food for birds and other critters.

  Dine with others. 
When we sit down to eat a meal with others, it elevates a daily mundane activity into a more enjoyable occasion. We have a little time to share our thoughts, some conversation, and the experience of being together.

  Do a home exchange for your next vacation. 

  Do work for other people ,for favour rather than cash 
some people can not always afford to pay for your services with cash, but they may be able to provide a service to you in return.

  don't be so sanctimonious/use violence NOT peacefull protest(its what they understand)  rejected
rather than sit around pontificating on whether u are a good human and lobbying your m.p/congressman/dictator/whatever go and start a riot or kill a cop, it'ss the only language they understand betterstill kill your m.p./congressman or burn down starbuc

  Don't buy clothes that require dry cleaning. 
Dry cleaning pollutes the environment and the chemicals are toxic to humans.

  Don't eat cow flesh 
Stop eating all food which contains cow

  Don't eat dogs. 
Dogs are domesticated animals which we should not consume.

  Don't exceed the speed limit 
Efficiency of fuel, of vehicle, and of human safety is greatly improved.

  Don't kill people. 
Don't kill people, you'll regret it later. Its bad for the soul, Karma and possibilities for future happiness.

  Don't let your dog chase cats. 
Many dogs will take off after a cat as soon as they see it. This endangers the dog and really endangers the cat. Make your you have control of your dog if there is a cat nearby.

  Don't litter your cigarette butts 
Everywhere I go, I see tons of cigarette butts and it makes me upset because it is still littering. Hold on to your cigarette until you find an ashtray. If worst comes to worst, make your cigarette IS PUT OUT ALL THE WAY and throw it in a trashcan.

  Don't patronize events that exploit animals 
Circuses, rodeos, horse and dog races, zoos, bullfights and marine parks are just a few examples of events in which animals are exploited for human entertainment. Would you want to live in a cage and perform for people every day of the year?

  Don't pick fights. 
People may upset us, but that is no reason to become physically confrontational. Resorting to violence doesn't solve problems, it exasorbates them.

  Don't pirate satellite signals 
Even if it is cheap and easy, don't steal satellite signals to get free tv.

  Don't stalk people 
when you are in a relationship with someone, do NOT overdo it. spend some time with them, but not too much. if you find that the person you "love" is the only person you ever want to be with, go get some friends, because they will probably tell you to ge

  Don't steal. 
Stealing may be an expedient way to aquire wealth or an object of desire, but it all comes back in the end and it will be you who is stolen from.

  Don't swear in front of children. 
Children need positive and optimistic environments, swearing infront of them serves to infect them with meanness, coloring their world with disharmony.

So, you finally became vegetarian and still have leather shoes you bought a year ago? KEEP THEM!-it's a waiste to toss.Just don't buy anymore of that crap.

  Don't use bleach. 
If every household in the U.S. replaced just one bottle of 32 oz. chlorine bleach with non-chlorine bleach, we could save 4.5 million pounds of chlorine from entering our environment

  Don't use travel agents or tour operators who promote child sex 
There are plenty of travel and tour agencies that promote and sell sex tours that involve children; don?t support these businesses.

  Donate blood. 
Donating blood saves lives. It is an easy (but not entirely painless) way to do something significant for someone in need.

  Donate leftover wedding food to charity. 
Have leftover food from the wedding reception? Donate it to a homeless shelter or other charity.

  Donate old clothing to charity. 
Your jeans may seem old and worn out to you, but they may be just perfect for someone else. Give your clothes a chance at a new life, donate them to the Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other appropriate organization.

  Donate wedding flowers to a nursing home or other charity. 
Donate wedding flowers to those who will really appreciate them, perhaps to a nursing home, womens' shelter, or any other organization that could use some brightening up.

  Donate your long hair for wigs for chemotherapy patients. 
If you have long hair and plan on getting it cut, consider donating it to charity. There are organizations who will take your hair and creat realistic wigs for children and adults suffering through chemotherapy.

  Donate your old car to charity. 
Donating your old car saves your having to advertise and deal with the parade of potential buyers. A charitable organization can use it and they will come and pick it up, running or not and you get a tax deduction to boot.

  Dont introduce non native plant species into a wilderness area 
Non-native plant species can be terribly destructive to natural wilderness habitats. Planting only native plants will insure that fragile eco-balances will not be destroyed.

  Don\'t use to-go containers. 
To-go containers are a convenient, but inefficient and environmentally harmful food storage device.


Cats use their claws for everything from grooming to fighting to marking their territory, declawing them is unnecessary and leaves them without their primary means of protection.

Driving slow is fine, but doing so in the fast lane is dangerous and irritating to other drivers. Use the right lane if driving slow.

A dripping faucet can waste an amazing amount of water. Fix leaking or dripping faucets as soon as possible.



Styrofoam will never degrade, find a substitute.

  Dr. Kerendian in Beverly Hills, Lipotropic Injections for Weight Loss 
Lose 10 lbs or more with natural medicine. Injections are combination of Amino Acids and Vitamins

  Drink bottled water. 
Tap water can be harmful to our health, it contains treated sewage and the dangerous chemicals used to treat it, and well water is increasingly at risk of becoming polluted. Bottled water is from fresh springs, mountain run-off or is filtered.

  Drink lots and lots of water. 
Everything the human body does is a chemical process. All chemical processes in the body require water. When the body is not properly hydrated it operates at reduced levels. A body thrives with ample water.

  Drink only organic milk from cows that are not mistreated. 
Drinking only organic milk from cows that are not mistreated is mortally acceptable, and healthy for most people. Dairy products are the best food sources of calcium. Not everyone wants to be a vegan. Not everyone wants to be a vegan.

  Drive a more fuel efficient car. 
A fuel efficient car is not only easier on the pocket book, it is easier on the ozone and our limited fossil fuels too. *

  Drive an electric car 
Buy an electric car and drive it instead of a gas powered vehicle whenever possible.

  Drive less 
Extraneous driving acts only to waste fuel and pollute the atmosphere. It may seem like it is our birthright to "just drive", but nothing could be further from the truth.

  Dumpster Diving 
Are you too embarassed to tell people that you use things that people don't need anymore?

  Eat dophin-free tuna. 
Over 25,000 dolphins are killed yearly in tuna nets. Dolphin-free tuna is slightly more expensive but spares thousands of beautiful and highly intelligent animals.

  Eat fewer shrimp. 
The shrimp industry is a huge one which unintentionaly kills sea turtles, which drown in shrimp nets. Save a sea turtle's life, eat fewer shrimp.

  Eat fresh fruit and vegetables. 
Fiberous foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables reduce your risk of cancer and saves money on medical bills.

  Eat less factory farmed poultry 
Try to eat as little factory farmed poultry as possible instead purchase locally grown pastured chicken from organic/sustainable farms

  eat vegan! 
Being vegan is compassionate, ecological, and healthful. What's better than being nice, healthy and saving the planet? (Detailed statistics are available from a number of vegetarian/animal rights sources, such as PETA)

  Educate yourself about permaculture. 
Permaculture is an organic, sustainable way to live with the land. Perhaps there are some elements that could be applied to your home and community.

Don't worry about knowing everything or nothing. Focus on one thing, and become an expert.

  Encourage others to recycle. 
Everyone has been educated in one way or another about the benefits of recycling, but many people still don't do it. It just might take a little bit of peer pressure from a friend to encourage them to think about sorting out their recyclables.

  Engage in meaningful work 
Meaningful work allows us the opportunity to express our innate talents, creativity, and intellect. Meaningful work is both life-affirming and non-exploitive.

  Enjoy sunrises and sunsets. 
Watching the sun rise or set allows us to witness our spinning solar system in action. Taking time out to enjoy this beautiful display encourages us to appreciate the larger scale of life. It puts things in perspective.

  express yourself to the benefit of others 
Personal expression that give others pause to consider opens paths of communication that are vital to the understanding of others perspectives as long as its by way of their own free will and no one is hurt or property damaged.

  Fill your dishwasher. 
Run your dishwasher only with a full load. For drying, use the energy-saving setting instead of heat.

  Find alternatives to disposable paper gift wrap. 
On Christmas, birthdays, weddings and other giftable occassions an enormous amount wrapping paper finds its way into the trash. Finding alternatives to disposable wrapping paper can save an enormous amount of paper and eliminates waste.

  Find out which companies are polluting your neighborhood. 
Knowledge is power. Once you know who is polluting your neighborhood, you'll be able to do something about it, whether it be lobbying against the company or simply just avoiding the area.

  Fix leaky faucets and "running" toilets. 
Sometimes jiggling the handle isn't enough. That leaky faucet or "running" toilet wastes thousands of gallons of water a month and will finally give you a little peace and quiet.

  Flush only when neccessary. 
Reducing the number of toilet flushes per day, by "letting the yellow mellow" can save an enormous amount of water.

  For land's sake, RECYCLE 
Recycling reduces the amount of garbage we must bury or burn. Rubber, plastics, and metals take centuries to decompose and create MOUNDS of land pollution. Burning trash releases toxic chemicals and contributes to air pollution.

  Forgive instead of holding grudges. 
When we hold grudges we store bitterness, anger and resentment, which produces unhappiness within. Forgiving those who cross us allows us to become more content and happy people.

  Forgive people when they make mistakes. 
Remember that we all make mistakes. If someone does something that causes problems for you, remember that they may not have done so out of spite.

  Garden organically. 
Using natural pesticides and fertilizers and other organic gardening techniques, one can reduce chemical run-off, create a less harmful environment and produce great tasting and beautiful looking plants.

  Get AIDs tested. 
Not everyone uses protection all of the time, and most likely you haven't either. There is a several year delay between the time one becomes infected and when it can be detected.

  Get an education. 
Getting an education enables us to seek more sophisticated and financially rewarding employment as well as being a personally and socially enriching experience.

  Get out of the house 
Make yourself an active member of your community!

  Get rid of fleas naturally. 

  Give a "courtesy wave" when someone lets you in in traffic. 
It may seem insignificant, but a quick courtesy wave to a fellow driver who lets you cut in in traffic lets that person know that the gesture is appreciated.

  Give a manicure. 
Giving a manicure is a nice thing to do on several levels. You are helping someone manage their problem nails and cuticles while you share a little face-to-face hand holding and communication. The manicure exchange is also very nice.

  Give everyone a chance near the front at general admission shows 
Even if you got there first, let a latecomer have some time near the front of a concert.

  Give flowers to friends and loved ones. 
Giving flowers is a very caring and loving gesture whether you purchase an expensive bouquet or pick them fresh from your yard or garden. A single flower is beautiful by itself or you can create a fragrant bouquet by arranging several of them artfully.

  Give money to charity. 
There are many charitable organizations which do great things all over the world. Giving money to these organzations is a great way to do good.

  Give spare change to panhandlers. 
Some are truely down on their luck or are having difficulty getting back on track, others are drunks, addicts or petty scam artists but no one should have to go hungry. Giving spare change can help them get food or whatever else they deem necessary.

  Give unwanted clothes to the poor 
Giving to the poor not only helps a friend in need, but it also is a form of recycling.

  Give what money you can to friends in need and do not request repayment. 
Cheerfully present an amount of money you can and tell your friends you know they'd do the same for you if you needed some. This behavior will leave everyone comfortable about the help you provided.. charitalble and may help them to be housed and fed.

  Go to the library instead of the bookstore. 
Purchasing books that may be used little more than once is very wasteful as compared to going to the library and reading books that will be used many times. This saves trees and eliminates waste.

  good friends 
are you always there for your friends when they need you

  Good: Only Christ is good! 
The heart of the human problem is the heart. We all like sheep have gone astray and eah of us has turned to his own way and the Lord has laid on Him the eniquity of us all -The Bible-

  Grow your own food. 
When we grow our own food, we eat more healthful, get more exercise and begin to look and feel more vibrant and attractive as we get in touch with the earth.

  Guys, put the seat down. 
It is common courtesy, good hygiene and one of our basic social mores, to exhibit proper toilet behavior. Lift the seat - keeping it as clean as possible - then flush, and drop the seat when finished.

  Have a big, round, blue head... 
Dance around with a big grin on your face! Leave spirals in your wake!

  Have Compassion for Criminals  rejected
Criminals are human beings and are capable of change.

  Have less than three biological children. 
The world is overpopulated. We can reduce the population by having less children. If you only have 2 children, you are just 'replacing' yourselves.

  Have pets. 
Pets remind us of the simplicity of life, they can be playful and very affectionate. When we take care of a pet, we are focused on something that brings happiness to us, which makes us better people.

  Have plants and flowers in your home. 
Plants and flowers brighten our environment, bringing life and beauty to any space. They require regular watering, ritually bringing us into their world and expanding ours.

  Heat your home more efficiently. 
Save energy and help prevent global warming by maximizing the efficiency of heating and cooling systems in the home, use double paned windows, insulation, ceiling fans and don't use the heater when away.

  Help others 
Do what you can lend a helping hand to those in need.

  Help others move. 
Moving is a cathartic labor intensive process. Often, the aid of extra person-power and/or a larger vehicle is necessary.

  Help out with your friends' children 
It's hard to raise children in today's world. Your friends need all of the help they can get.

  Help push a stalled car. 
A person is having car trouble and is pushing their car to a safer area, or they need a "push-start", pull over and lend a hand.

  Hold parties in venues where the use fee will go to a good cause 
Hold parties in parks, historic buildings, or other venues where your use/rental fee will go to a good cause.

  Home & Garden Tips 
Tips that will making running a household easier and less time consuming! Find an assortment of Tips for Inside and Out and for Family.

  Home-scool or free-school your children 
The education system is about programming chilfren to be "good citizens". Free schooling is about empowerment and allows children to learn naturally and to learn about empowerment by experiencing it.

  Honor your Children 
Children are the hope of Humankind, Earth's greatest resource. Treat them with the love and respect they deserve, and teach them all you know, that they grow strong and true.

  How to Create a Sustainable Economy and Future on our Planet 
San Diego ecologist Jim Bell has published "Creating a Sustainable Economy and Future on our Planet". Read it for free, print it without restrictions at It's astonishing! And it can be done!

  I am Selling Chinese knot! 
There are many Chinese ethic characteristic bracelet and procelained ornament box.

  I help out my family by recycling things 
Help out your family and friends by giving them anything I no longer use for their use. I find out what each person needs or wants and if I have it and it is not needed now I will give it to the other p erson.

  If you dont have time- Don't have a pet. 
Many people have good intentions when they first ADOPT/buy a pet- but all too often the animal is left alone in a kennel or tied up in the back yard. It's important for an animal to have plenty of time, love, and attention so it can grow up into a healthy

  If you smoke, which you should not, Don't toss cigarettes out car windows 
Cars and trucks come with ashtrays standard. You could start fires, or even cause an accident. Empty your ashtray into a garbage can if you smoke.

  If you use drugs, be responsible 
Many foreign substances, from caffiene to morphine, can be mentally and physically addictive. Use, don't abuse.

  Inform your market that you make eco-friendly purchases. 
Tell the managers and/or owners at the stores and restaurants where you shop that you are making your buying decisions based on the environmental impact of products and packaging. They value your input and will make their purchases based on your comment

  Install software for paperless faxing. 
Faxes normally transmit information from paper that is fed through them, which negates the beauty of a paper free email society. Installing paperless faxing saves paper, trees, and an additional trip to the fax machine.

  Instead of wedding favors, donate money to a charity. 

  Insulate your home. 
Insulating the walls and ceilings in your home can save about a quarter of your heating energy bills and reduces thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide yearly.

  Insulate your water heater. 
Wrapping your water heater in insulation reduces carbon dioxide by 1000 pounds a year.

  Invite friends over. 
When friends visit, we share our home and open our lives to them. Our hospitality is a treaty of friendship.

  Keep household chemicals out of children's reach. 
Our households contain very harmful cleaning chemicals which are often stored in low level cabinets and shelves where children can reach them. Keeping chemicals out of children's reach can save their lives.

  Keep toxins away from infants. 
Your child is very curious and wants to get into things...everything. Storing harmful chemical cleaners and other toxins away from children may save their lives.

  Keep your bedroom clean. 
When our bedroom is clean and organized, we can effectively organize the rest of our life; our clothes are cleaner and less rinkled, we can find our car keys and friends want to visit and maybe even sleep over.

  Keep your dog's water bowl filled. 
Your dog needs plenty of water to be healthy and he can't always tell you when he is thirsty.

  Keep your freezer more than 2/3 filled. 
Freezers operate most efficiently when they are at least 2/3 full. Keeping it full requires less energy to chill the empty space, which saves energy and lowers your power bill.

  Keep your house clean. 
Keeping your house clean has many benefits, your stuff remains orginized and easy to find, it reduces germs and bacteria, it is more socially prefered and it will give you peace of mind to live in a clean environment.

  Keep your thermostat adjusted for energy efficiency. 
Not overheating or overcooling rooms by monitoring your heater/air conditioner thermostat by turning it off when not needed, saves an enormous amount of energy.

  Keep your tires properly inflated. 
Tires that are under their recommended psi, cause added friction resulting in lower fuel iffeciency. Keeping your tires at recommended levels increases gas milage and improves handling.

  Keep your water heater set lower than 120 degrees. 
Turning down the setting on your water heater thermostat saves energy; 120 degrees is usually hot enough.

  Know about Current Events 
I think this one is pretty self-explanatory

  Learn about God today 
God is present all around us, within us, everywhere, every day. Listen to Him, talk to Him, read his Word to us. He knows what makes us tick, and how to be in tune with others, ourselves and Him.

  Learn another language. 

  Learn to cook 
Cooking healthy, delicious meals for yourself and your family saves money, wastes less packaging, and insures the food contains only what you want it to. It's also extremely rewarding!

  Learn to play an instrument. 
There is little in terms of personal enrichment that is more enriching than gaining the ability to play music. It has been shown to improve memory capacity in children and it literaly brings music to our lives.

  Learn to sew 
Altering and mending will prolong your clothing's life. Making your own garments ensures that they weren't created in sweatshops!

  Leave what you find when you're in a natural area. 
In some heavily traveled scenic areas folks have carried off whatever they can for momentos and landscaping enhancements leaving little for future visitors to enjoy.

  legalize dumpster diving 
This should be legal

  Let people merge into your lane 
If you're driving a car and someone is trying to merge into your lane, let them in.

  Let the cocktail waitress through the crowd at music shows 
Make way for the waitress, she is only doing her job. Music shows can be very crowded with a lot of drunk people, making it difficult to navigate the crowd. When you see a waitress with a drink tray, move out of the way and let her pass so she can ser

  Limit sugar consumption 
Sugar contributes to a host of health problems. Limiting or cutting out sugar consumption can improve your health.

  Line dry your clothes. 
Why not give the dryer a rest? Let the sun dry your clothes naturally. Line drying clothing not only saves energy but also gives clothes that sun-fresh smell.

  Listen more intently when others speak. 
Listening more intently to others allows them to more fully communicate, while you gain a better understanding of them and what they are saying.

  Listen to yourself! 
If you find yourself trying to make a difficult decision, sit down, alone, and think. Listen to what your sould is trying to tell you and do it!

  Live closer to town. 
Living in or close to town saves gas money and is much less polluting than living in remote regions. Life is a bit easier over-all when one lives near stores and gas stations, its much better for the environment, your fuel budget, and your social life.

  Live in an eco-friendly home. 
Renovate a home close to town, live in a recycled steel home, a straw bale or a cobb home. Eco-friendly homes give back to the community, conserving energy and natural resources while saving building costs.

  Live in an intentional community or eco-village. 
Living in individual houses with seperate kitchens and household systems is very inefficient compared to the sharing of costs, resources and chores in an intentional community. and it is socially advantageous to be living amongst like-minded people.

  Lobby for curbside recycling. 

  Look at art. 
Art reflects life. Looking at art helps us see the beauty around us, in others and in ourselves.

  Look for wines made from organically grown grapes. 
If you like to have a glass of wine, make sure it is less harmful to you and the environment! Organically grown grapes are better because they do not have harmful, toxic pesticides on them or in the soil where they are grown.

  Love people 
Showing sincere love makes everyone happy:-)

  Love your pet 
give your pet lots of adoration, pet it often, pay attention to it, strive to do the same in all your intimate relationships

  Maintain a good driving record. 
Being a safe and sober driver, getting few tickets and taking care of the few one does get, enables one to move about freely in an automobile and indicates a certain level of personal responsibility.

  Maintain someone's home while they are away. 
Leaving home for a number of days can necessitate help maintaining animals, plants, mail etc.; visiting the home of a traveling friend periodically, gives the appearance that someone is living there, thwarting would-be robbers.

  Make art. 
Whether you have specific skills or are artisticly inept, creating art is good for the soul. The mind awakens spiritual energy within and it comes out in the form of visual and tangible stuff that others can see. It is magic.

  Make baked goods for others. 
When baking for others, we focus our thoughts and energy on them and they are able to taste our affection.

  Make bread not pot roast 
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  Make eco-friendly packaging choices. 
Eco-friendly packaging such as: reusable containers, recycled packaging, and items with the least amount of packaging, are easy on landfills, our dwindling natural recources and our wallets.

  Make gifts. 
When we make holiday or birthday gifts in the kitchen, or create items from discarded materials, we save natural resources and reduce potential waste, while giving from the heart.

  Make something new out of something old. 
Find creative ways to give new life to materials that might normally be thrown away, such as old bike parts, wood scraps, broken plates, clothing, etc.

  marijuana usage 
Marijuana is not a bad thing and if you don't let it get control of you it can make you a better person

  Massage others. 
Our lives are stressful and the human body becomes fatigued, giving someone a massage is a generous and caring gift.

When we meditate, our mind and body are able to be quiet, contemplative or just completely blank. Insight often comes to those who seek it and inner peace ferments.

  Minimize campfire impacts 
Campfires can be integral to the camping experience but they can ruin pristine nature areas. Taking care to minimize the effects of a campfire by digging it under and packing it with fresh dirt allows plants grow and it reduces harm wildlife.

  Obey bicycle traffic laws. 
Riding a bike can give one the feeling of complete freedom but during this euphoric bliss it is important to pay attention and follow all traffic laws. When traffic laws are obeyed, cars won't have to second guess you and you'll be much safer.

  Offer to help your host clear the table and clean dishes. 
Good manners and a willingness to chip in make any social occaision more fun and promotes healthy relationships.

  One love 
We all want the same love and be loved. So unite and always try to feel empathy for others.

  Open a vegetarian restaurant. 
By opening a vegetarian restaurant you will provide a healthy dining alternative to traditional restaurants.

  Open a vegetarian restaurant. 
By opening a vegetarian restaurant you will provide a healthy dining alternative to traditional restaurants.

  Open Relationships 
We are all connected. Why do we supress are feelings with everyone but one person at a time? if we worried less and expressed love more all are pains would be healed. I'm talking about all relationships not just sexual. meaning from all levels of communic

  Order your margherita on the rocks! 
Rather than ruin the ambiance with a noisy blender, try your drink on the rocks!


  Pass on your wisdom and experience. 
By sharing your knowledge and wisdom, you open a door for others. Others will be interested and pass their knowledge unto you.

  Pass used magazines on to friends or organizations. 

  Pay attention 
You can learn a great deal from others mistakes

  Pay back personal loans. 
People who lend us money are good people who should be valued highly, and above all, paid back. We can move forward with dignity allowing us to make closer, more authentic connections with people.

  Personal Advance Bad Credit Payday Cash Loans 
Company lender offers unsecured online fast advance loans overnight quick.

  Pick a climate friendly house color. 
Depending on the dominant climate of the region you live in, the color of your home can have a large affect on the cost it takes to heat or cool it; light colored for hot climates to reflect the sun's rays and dark to attract heat.

  Pick up hitchhikers. 
For whatever reason, people don't have transportation to a destination and they stand on the roadside "thumbing it". Picking up hitch hikers helps a person in need, and puts us in direct touch with another interesting person.

  Pick up litter. 
Help keep your environment clean by picking up litter.

  Plan your family well. 
Putting some thought into various family options before one is forced to, serves us and future generations as well.

  Plant a tree 
Trees are beautiful and they clean our air.

  Plant trees at home. 
Planting trees at home, enriches the natural environment and beautifies our world.

  Post a chalk or wipe board for phone messages and notes. 
Instead of paper, post a chalkboard or wipe board for phone messages and other household notes.

  Preserve memories by taking photos/video of family and friends. 
As we grow up and older, memories begin to fade and people move away or lose touch. By taking photos or video, we can keep these memories and preserve moments that may become lost forever.


  Print single-spaced for drafts. 
If printing a school paper or other long document, print the drafts single-spaced; print only the final copy double-spaced thereby reducing the amount of paper used.

  Proofread and spell check before printing. 

  Provide re-usable mugs and glasses for visitors. 

  Pull weeds instead of using herbicides. 
It may not be your idea of fun, but pulling weeds by hand eliminates the need for herbicides, and does allow you to be outside and enjoy your garden up-close.

  Purchase dry goods in bulk. 
Purchase dry foods in bulk (health food stores have bulk bins great for beans, pasta, grains, etc.) You are afforded more choices this way while reducing packaging waste and you'll save money too.

  Purchase office-provided items, such as sugar, in bulk. 
Purchase creamer, sugar, aspirin, etc. in bulk instead of in individually wrapped portions. This both minimizes waste and cuts costs.

  Put friends up for the night. 
Sometimes friends need a place to stay. Allowing them to stay at your home is very kind and enables one to spend more time with them.

  Put leftover food in the composter 
A great way to help alleviate the landfill problem is to compost your left over food.

  Read books instead of watching television. 
Reading exercises our imagination, is more entertaining and less sedating than television.

  Read or listen to international news. 
Listen to or read news that is produced in countries other than your own. An international perspective gives you a much clearer picture of world events and allows you to make more informed judgments.

  Read the daily news. 
When we read the daily news, we stay informed, expand our vocabulary, and stay in direct contact with our society and culture.

  Read to children. 
Reading to children on a regular basis gives them a love of books and stories, it develops their hearing comprehension and their imagination and helps make them more intelligent people.

  Recycle automobile air conditioner coolant. 
Cars with air conditioners should have the coolant recycled whenever the car is serviced. This extra step can reduce thousands of pounds of ozone depleting carbon dioxide.

  Recycle household water. 
A high percentage of the water we use runs "down the drain." Much of that water can be reclaimed. Save rinse water for plants, collect preheated shower water as well as run off from roof tops in buckets for household use.

  Recycle Inkjet cartridges 
Recycling inkjet cartridges is an excellent way to save the environment and it can earn you or a charity money

  Recycle motor oil. 
Used motor oil is a harmful pollutant that damages plant and animal life, as well as ground water. As it breaks down or is diluted, one gallon of motor oil can contaminate 1000 gl. of fresh water. Recycling motor oil protects the environment.

  Recycle the cardboard tubes from toilet paper rolls. 
Toilet paper rolls can really add up when you think about the billions of people who use toilet paper each day! By recycling the used cardboard tubes you save trees and landfill space!

  Recycle toner cartridges. 
Saving toner cartridges for refilling saves having to send the unrecyclable plastic to a landfill. They are filled with enough remaining toner residue to stain anything you've got.

  Recycle used deodorant containers. 
Most deodorant containers are made from recycleable plastic. Let's keep this out of our landfills and away from degrading into our water supply!

With natural resources dwindling and landfills growing, it is necessary and quite easy to recycle.

  Reduce animal by-products in your home. 
Animal by-products surround us. That classy leather sofa, the comfy down comforter and that prized stuffed elk's head you are so proud of all were killed unnecessarily. Animals no longer must die for human comfort, we can grow and manufacture our stuff.

  Reduce MTBE usage. 
Roughly half of all watercraft, and 100% of personal watercraft (PWC), are powered by two-stroke marine engines that emit 25-30% of their fuel, unburned, directly into the water. Risisting MTBE usage reduces water pollution in lakes, rivers and oceans.

  Reduce waste. 
Reducing household waste by making eco-friendly purchases, sorting out recyclables and simply being more aware of the trash we produce drasticly reduces landfill glut and it also limits the amount of natural resources we expend.

  Refill the ice-cube tray. 
It is frustrating to go the freezer needing ice, only to find that the ice-cube tray has been emptied and not refilled. Refilling the tray is an investment in the future coldness of soft drinks, coctails and water for you and others.

Good quality values are key to solid relationships

  reload printer paper 
Certain items you print out at home or at the office have a one time use, and then get discarded. I feel that we can use these sheets again for the reverse side by refeading them back into our printers. We practice this at work, and we save generally 50

  Remember birthdays. 
We all have them and when they pass unnoticed by others we may feel hurt. Remembering the birthdays of others is one way to show we care and that they are important to us.

  Renewable resources used for new mosquito repellent. 
The sustainably farmed ingredients of lemon eucalyptus and meadowfoam seed oil are the key ingredients in a soothing lotion that that keeps mosquitoes from biting.

  Renewable resources used for new mosquito repellent. 
The renewable resources of lemon eucalyptus and meadowfoam combine to make a mosquito repellent that is as effective as DEET without using a toxic chemical on your family's skin. West Nile Virus is here to stay and we need to be vigilant with insect repel

  Renewable resources used for new mosquito repellent. 
The renewable resources of lemon eucalyptus and meadowfoam combine to make a soothing lotion that is also an extremely effective mosquito repellent.

  Rent or borrow things you don't use often. 
Renting or borrowing things that you don't have a regular need for saves money, storage space, and keeps the world less cluttered with unnecessary items. It is best if we can share the use of these items so we don't have to build and trash as many.

  Rent out your spare room  poll closed
There isn't enough housing, and too much of it is unaffordable. If you have a spare bedroom in your house, renting it out to someone in need can help alleviate our housing shortage and provide you with a little spare cash.

  Repair rather than discard. 
Being handy around the house helps prolong the life of older items and reincarnates broken ones. It reduces land-fill over crowding, saves invaluable natural resources and is intensely frugal.

  Repair your old bicycle. 
Nearly everyone has one. They inhabit our garages, porches, or backyards and we've looked past them so many times we don't even see them anymore. Our old bike needs our attention and with 15 min. of work, it will give back immensely.

  Request that hotels change your linens/towels every other day. 
It's not necessary for hotels to change the linen daily if one is going to remain in the room. You wouldn't wash your own linen on a daily basis. It wastes water and electrical energy and it taxes the local water filtration system. Make yourself at home!

  Resisist fluoridated water. 
Not drinking fluoridated water protects your health. Fluoride is a poisonous by-product of the aluminum industry, which lobbies heavily for the fluoridation of your water, making money off their hazardous waste. People become ill from fluoride poisoning.

  Resist dumping hazardous chemicals down the drain. 
Water treatment systems are built to accommodate regular household waste. Pouring hazardous chemicals down household drains taxes municiple water filtration systems and in many communities it pollutes drinking water.

  Resist foods containing hydrogenated oils. 
Hydrogenated oil destroys Vitamin E in the body, slows blood circulation and encourages additional dental plaque. By resisting this cheap immitation for oil in food processing, you will improve your heart and vascular functions and you won't be as fat.

  Resist irradiated food. 
Irradiation is a food freshness preservation method that adds a supposedly harmless amount of radiation to food to prolong its life. With sources of cancer at every turn, it doesn't seem prudent to willingly ingest micro amounts of radiation.

  Resist off shore oil drilling. 
Our automobile society requires oil to power our cars but ruining beaches, ocean eco-systems, and natural vistas is too much to give up. If we can't power our cars without ruining nature then we should give them up.

  Resist using aluminum foil, plastic wrap and plastic bags. 
Disposable food wrapping and storage devices are unnecessary and very polluting as well as being taxing on natural resources. It is much more economical and environmentally kind to use washable plastic containers. If you do use these products, wash and r

  Resist wearing fur. 
The fur industry's product production depends on the brutal killing of intellgent, magestic wild animals. It is uneccessary to kill animals for our coats.

  Respect Those With Whom You Disagree 
Everybody has a valid point of view. Respect those who disagree with you and try to understand their point of view.

  Resuse chopsticks. 

  Return phone and email messages. 
It is frustrating to leave a message on an answering service or to email someone without them getting back to you. It is important to return contact as soon as is convinient, so a person knows that the message was received.

  Return things you find. 
We all lose things from time to time, such as wallets, purses and keys, and we can empathize with others when it occurs to them. Often a lost item is invaluable to us, but worthless to others. A goodhuman seeks to return lost items.

  Return wire hangers to the dry cleaners. 

  Reuse cash register receipts, phone bills etc. for scratch paper 
Cash register receipts and other one-use paper usually has an unprinted backside that can be reused. This saves trees and reduces waste. By saving these paper scraps you'll always be ready to do something good for the planet.

  Reuse envelopes. 
Envelopes come to us free of charge almost everyday, if you take care in opening them they can be used again simply by putting a label over the preprinted address. This saves money and trees as well as reducing waste.

  Reuse floppy diskettes 
Reuse Floppy diskettes; they're easy to reformat and can be used over and over.

  Reuse jars and plastic containers. 
Many of the products that we buy in the supermarket are packaged in jars and plastic containers than can be reused in many different ways. This reduces waste and saves us from having to buy containers.

  Ride your bicycle 
When you need to go somewhere that isn't too far, ride your bicycle there

  Root for underdogs. 
It is easy to support winners but it requires character to root for the underprivileged, the unfavored and the losing. Victory is sweeter when underdogs win and sometimes the underdog is you.

  Route items around office instead of making copies for everybody 
A memo or other notice can be posted on a central bulletin board or routed around the office. There is no need to make a separate copy for each person. In the long run this tactic can significantly save paper.

  RSVP if it's requested. 
If a RSVP is requested on an invitation, let the host or hostess know whether you are going to attend; it's an easy thing to do and is a common courtesy you should extend to anyone inviting you to an event.

  Run races for cures. 
There are numerous races (and walks) that are organized to raise money for disease cures. Choose a worthy cause and race for the cure!

  Save money. 
Putting aside a portion of what we earn regularly over time makes our earnings count on an increaseingly larger scale, affording us more financial clout.

  Say "hello" to your neighbors. 
When you see your neighbor our in the yard give a little wave, smile, and say "hello".

  Send e-mail to your congressional representatives. 
Use the power of the Internet to let your voice be heard! Sending an e-mail takes no time and your opinion is extremely important regarding environmental, educational and social justice issues.

  Send thank you cards. 
Sending a thank you card is a small gesture that goes a long way. Expressing your thanks with a quick note will mean a lot to the person who did something nice for you.

  Share a shower with your friend or loved one! 
Two can shower as fast and efficiently as one. Not only will you save water but you can get help cleaning those hard to reach areas!

  Share your newspaper with others. 
Newspapers are disposable items that have a usable life of one day. Almost everybody is interested in one section or another so spread the news and share your paper. No need in buying 5 copies when 1 will do.

  Shop around. 
Doing a little research and comparison shopping allows one to get the best price on exactly the item needed. This reduces household clutter from poor choices and unnecessary items.

  Shop at farmer's markets. 
Buying directly from associated farmers at farmer's markets, supports small, organic, and family farms, and affords one the opportunity to select from the finest quality foods available.

  Sing or whistle out loud. 
Singing and whistling lightens the spirits and spreads one's infectious joy. When one makes a "joyful noise", one creates positivity and optimism.

  Sing your child lullabies. 

Smiling makes you feel good, uses fewer muscles than frowning, and is sure to brighten someones day.

  smile at a stranger 
smiling at someone you don't know yet spreads goooood vibes and smiles are contagious!!

  SMILE!! It creates the positive energy needed to survive. 
A smile takes less muscle use than a frown,and it is the only thing you can give to someone and help prevent global depression!!!

  smoke a lot of dope 
i really enjoy smokeing dope doing a lot of stuff with my friends doing some crazy shit so dope really helps me get away the pain i do with them so do it you stupid people it is really fun

  Smoke fewer cigarettes. 
Cigarettes are extremely harmful to smokers and those around them. They are intentionaly addictive and pollute cradle-to- grave. Smoking fewer cigarettes is beneficial to other people and ourselves.

  Solar heat your house & water 
Solar power is green

  Spay and neuter your pets. 
With so many pets in need of adoption, there is no reason to have your pets reproduce. Low cost spay and neuter clinics are available.

  Speak up to litterbugs. 
Don't let the people around you carelessly throw garbage on the ground without saying something to them about it. It just may take a little public humiliation for them not to do it the next time. Litterbugs need to hear from you that LITTERING IS RUBBISH!

  Stay away from the circus 
Most circuses treat animals very poorly. They keep them in cramped cages and even beat them. Avoiding the circus will help to free these animals

  Stay behind others in line. 
It is courteous to not move past other people standing in line.

  Stay in locally owned inns, hotels, or B&Bs. 

  Stay on the trail. 

  Stay Positive. 
a good attitude creates the type of life we all lead being open and willing to accept what comes to us makes us look for the best way to use our options rather than fighting against the changes in our lives

  Stock investing 
Do you share all your hot stock tips with your friends or do you keep the for yourself to get a leg up on them?

  Stop fights between others. 
Being a peace-maker, by stopping a violent struggle or encouraging resolution to an arguement between friends, may possibly be intrusive and even dangerous, but it positively affects social change immediately and it is very heroic.

  Study hard. 
Wouldn't it be great if we remembered everything we learn? When we study "hard" we gain a better understanding of a topic and can retain the knowledge longer, this saves time not having to refresh or relearn something, we carry the knowledge with us.

  Study other's views on nature 
When you study other's cultural ideas and views on nature, you grow a higher appreciation and respect to nature.

  Subscribe to electronic journals and newspapers. 
Reading your morning paper and favorite magazines online is a great way to reduce paper use. Why not switch to e-subscriptions?

  Supplement your diet with vitamins 
Supplementing your diet with vitamins A, E and C and educating yourself about other supplements ensures that you are getting the proper nutrients to live an active lifestyle. You'll be a more vibrant and healthful person.

  Support All Marijuana Legalization 
Putting people in jail for non-violent possession or seizing property for the same reasons makes crimes out of people who are not criminals. You cannot legislate morality and, in America, should not.

  Support independent radio. 
Independent radio stations need our support, it is good to help financially or just to listen, because the programming is free from corporate control and the incredible bias inherant there. This makes for a more well rounded and interesting person.

  Support independent theatre 
Independent artists bring us new ideas and new ways of expressing ideas, but they rarely get enough money to make their endeavors financially possible. You will likely bring something back with you, and it will also make you more involved with your

  Support local live music. 
Attending local live music performances is good for the soul, the community and the players too.

  Support local, state, and national education initiatives. 
Support education initiatives by voting yes on pro-education bonds and other legislation. Education is one of the most important services that governments provide; do all you can to demand the best education system possible.

  Support medical marijuana. 
Many people have medical problems that can only be relieved with the use of marijuana. It is cruel to prohibit them from access to this soothing and healing natural herb. The fear of drug proliferation is unsubstantiated.

  Support peaceful protests. 
Peaceful protesting is a form of free speech that may be employed when one feels attention needs to he focused on a certain unfairness or issue. Often the only way we know about certain issues, is because some brave indviduals staged a protest.

  Support your local health food store! 
Health food stores provide up with options for healthy eating and offer extremely nutritious foods.

  Support your local library. 
Your local library is a community resource offering everyone the opportunity to learn. Support your local library by checking books out, participating in its book drives, sales, and other activities, and voting to continue public spending on it.

  Suppourt a tobbaco ban. 
Suppourt a phased in tobbaco ban with the goverment provideing nicorrete, patches, etc. to help people quit.

  Sweep debris with a broom instead of a blower. 
Leaf-blowers use fossil fuels and create noise pollution. For the same amount of effort and time you can use a broom to clear debris from walk-ways and driveways.

  Sweep or rake leaves and debris instead of using a leaf blower. 
Leaf blowers cause excessive noise pollution, as well as air pollution from the two stroke engine, what is worse is the air pollution that is caused by the blowing of dried spit, urination, dog doo, insects and decomposing matter all over the place.

  Tailgate less in traffic. 
Tailgating may be an attempt to send a message to another driver to move over or speed up, but it endangers others and is a sign of impatience.

  Take collections for friends in need. 
From time to time one friend or another may become broke. Taking a collection - among friends - of food and/or small amounts of cash can really help a friend in need and it isn't too taxing on any one person.

  Take part in local politics. 
If you are not interested in local politics it is a good chance that you and others like you are not being properly represented. Your city council should be acting in your best interest and to do that they need to here your opinions.

  Take public transportation. 
As discussed in many other guidelines, using alternatives to the automobile for transportation can reduce the negative impact you have on the environment. When possible, take public transporation instead.

  Take showers instead of baths. 
Showering requires less water than it takes to fill a bath tub and saves time too.

Working from home saves fuel, reduces pollution and traffic as well as being easier on you and your family.

  Tell jokes. 
Telling jokes gives a burst of fun and laughter to social settings of any size. Humor takes the pain of life away, making it brighter and more enjoyable.

  the meaning of education 
Education should be a means to enlighten, broaden, and stretch our minds.Not a system to limit ourminds

  Think good thoughts 
By thinking good thoughts we promote positive energy within ourselves and toward the outside world.

  Think! Read! Learn! Know! 
Reading the paper or watching the news does not make one informed. Media sources are often biased or have ulterior motives when presenting you with the "facts". You must learn to think for yourself, by any means necessary. Your television, your priest,

  Tip service workers 20% or more. 
Service workers work tirelessly to please us, tipping well acknowledges this and benefits real people, not some faceless corporation.

  Tip street performers. 
Street performers of any type, talented or not, enrich our culture and should be rewarded for their gift to us.

  Tipping your server 
Food servers rely upon tips for a large part of their income. Help them out

  Towards Organic Way of life 
Organic way of living is still best way to be active in this world after all the damages that has been done by human being.Turn into organic and see the beauty of life comes to life.

  Train your dog  poll closed
A well trained dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog is good for humans.

  Travel to different places 
Whether you circumnavigate the globe or visit a neighboring town, traveling shows us what the world is like in other places; we gain insight into the lives of others and learn about ourselves in the process.

  Treat all persons equally. 
Unfair treatment on the basis of gender, race, age, religion etc. limits social, cultural and economic exchange, and is counterproductive in an open society and free-market.

  Try not to SPAM search engines, web sites or individuals. 
SPAM is electronic junk mail or any unsolicited and irrelevant email communication. This creates an unbelievable amount of unnecessary web traffic that slows real communication and wastes our time as we must continually work to rid ourselves of it.

  Try to keep your babies quiet when on an airplane. 
An airplane is an uncomfortable place for adults. It is especially uncomfortable for infants. If you bring your baby on the airplane, pay extra attention to their comfort and try hard to keep them quiet for the sake of the other passengers' comfort

  Turn aluminum cans into cash. 
Cans are redeemable in every state and in some areas they fetch 15 cents. This money is paid when the product is purchased to insure that the aluminum isn't wasted littering the environment. This keeps the world clean and puts money in your pocket.

  Turn off lights when they are not needed. 
Save energy and help prevent global warming, turn off lights in unused areas.

  Turn off the shower while you're soaping up 
There's no reason to leave the shower running while you're lathering up your body and shampooing your hair, so just turn off the water. You'll be surprised at how much quicker your showers are!

  Turn printer off when not in use. 

  Turn your computer off when not in use if it is not a server that is requires 24/7 access. 
Consider turning your computer off if it will be inactive for more than 16 minutes. After this time the energy needed to run the computer is greater than the start-up energy.

  Understand the importance of regular pet grooming. 
Professional grooming keeps your pet clean and happy. Regular brushing and combing helps maintain a groomed pet and is a great way to spend quality time with pets.

  Upgrade your existing computer instead of buying a new one. 

  Urge the stores and restaurant you patronize to recycle. 
We as individuals have enormous power to create change in our lives and community, it just takes trying. Insisting that the places you shop at recycle to keep your repeat business, shows the real power of the consumer.

  Use a dishwasher and save water. 
Using a full dishwasher saves an average of 5.8 fewer gallons of water per load than washing by hand.

  Use a handkerchief instead of disposable tissues. 
Using a handkerchief instead of a tissue reduces deforestation and waste, while a handkerchief can be used over and over again.

  Use a hemp dog collar for your dog. 
It's important to reduce all beef industry by-products such as leather products like dog collars. Nylon or other plastic alternatives are polluting when created and they don't biodegrade. Hemp is the only way to go. It is very tough and it biodegrades.

  Use a human powered lawn mower. 
Using a push-mower produces no harmful exhaust, uses no gas, creates no noise pollution and gives us a great work-out.

  Use a solar water heater. 
Putting a solar water heater on your roof is a good way to lower your electric bills and help the environment at the same time.

  Use an electric car. 
Electric vehicles use power from the grid and they don't produce harmful exhast emissions. Using an electric car is very earth-friendly.

  Use as little water as possible when cooking. 
The more water you use in your food when cooking, the longer it takes to heat. Reducing cooking time lowers energy usage which translates to big savings on your energy bill.

  Use bike messenger services. 
Using a bicycle messenger service for in town deliveries saves gas, reduces pollution and it removes cars from the road.

  Use bleach-free paper 
Our obsession with "blemish-free" and "white" have resulted in substantial pollution at the paper production end.

  Use both sides of paper. 

  Use cloth diapers. 
They say that 1% of all American landfill space is occupied by disposable diapers which take up to 500 years to decompose. Cotton can be reused 100 times and decomposes in 1-6 months. Reduce landfill glut and save natural resources, use cloth diapers.

  Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins. 
Cloth napkins can be used again and again, do not require trees to be harvested, and are actually nicer to use than paper napkins.

  Use cloth wipes instead of toilet paper or baby wipes 
If you cloth diaper, chances are you use cloth wipes...why not use cloth wipes instead of TP for the rest of the family? Of course, I always leave a package around for guests but even then it is recycled.

  Use concentrated products. 
Use concentrated products, such as juice, laundry detergent, and other cleaners, when available. Concentrated products reduce packaging waste and save money.

  Use digital still and video cameras. 
Digital cameras eliminate the need for photo chemicals which are harmful and very polluting. Using digital cameras also allows images to be stored, duplicated, and enlarged indefinitely without any degredation or additional photo processing.

  Use drought-tolerant or native plants in landscaping. 
Drought-tolerant and native plants need little or just the right amount of water for your region. During dry years, they can exist on less or no water, saving water and the lives of your plants.

  Use email to communicate with people instead of paper. 
Letters and notes on paper typically require the cutting down of trees and they produce trash. Using email allows others to read your message when they have time and it doesn't tax the environment.

  Use energy efficient large appliances. 
Save energy and prevent global warming by using a low energy, high efficiency fridge and washing machine, and by using large loads instead of small, and drying clothes on a line.

  Use fluorescent bulbs as your primary light source. 
Fluorescent bulbs use much less energy than incandescent bulbs do and they last much longer.

  Use hand-stamps instead of plastic wristbands for ID purposes. 
Many nightclubs and outdoor music festivals use plastic wristbands to identify folks who have paid and/or are of legal age to drink alcohol. These wristbands are used once, then discarded. A hand-stamp merely washes away.

  Use hemp clothing. 
Hemp cloth has better strength and softness than cotton, without the huge range of environmental problems associated with it.

  Use hemp leashes. 
Use hemp leashes as an alternative to leather or nylon leashes. Leather is an animal by-product and nylon does not biodegrade. Hemp and other natural-fiber leashes are durable, functional, and biodegradable. In addition they look great.

  Use less cologne and perfume in public. 
Many people are sensitive to air born contamination. Most colognes and perfumes contain chemicals that can irritate the senses of these individuals. It is also socially obnoxious to wear strong perfumes in public places.

  Use low flow shower heads. 
Low flow shower heads conserve water by reducing the amount of water while increasing water pressure.

  Use newspaper and/or cardboard as fire starter. 
Any use that you can make of an item that might end up in the trash is a good use (recycling is always the best). Using newspaper and/or cardboard as fire starter instead of trashing it slows deforestation and minimizes landfill waste.

  Use non-toxic pet shampoo. 

  Use only cold or warm water when washing clothing. 
Using cold or warm water when washing clothing instead of hot, saves energy and prolongs the life of clothing.

  Use organic cotton, un-bleached tampons or pads. 
Some tampons contain asbestos, dioxins and rayon which can be extremely harmful to one's health and well-being.

  Use pens with replaceable ink cartridges 

  Use protection. 
Sex is fun, but it can also be reproductive and dangerous. Using "protection" puts the fun back in sex.

  Use rechargeable batteries. 
Batteries contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment when disposed of. They run down and must be replaced regularly. Using rechargeable batteries saves money and doesn't pollute the earth.

  Use refillable containers and packages. 
Using refillable containers and packages that can be refilled, either directly at the location of purchase or by buying large volume containers and refilling a smaller ones, reduces waste, saves natural resources and money while being more efficient.

  Use refillable lighters. 
Once that bic has had it's last flick it becomes a burden to the planet for the next 1000 plus years. The plastic must be thick to hold the flammable liquid. It lasts forever.

  Use reusable coffee filters. 
Instead of using disposable paper coffee filters, switch to reusable mesh coffee filters. They are tree-free and will save you money too.

  Use reusable razors instead of disposable shavers. 
Disposable shavers with those plastic handles may be cheap, but they dull out much faster than reusable razors do and are more polluting. Save money and reduce pollution by using reusable razors.

  Use reusable shopping bags. 
If each of us used one less shopping bag a week, we could save hundreds of millions of bags every year. Paper bags are made of virgin paper and plastic bags are not degradable. Using a reusable bag is earth-friendly.

  Use seat belts 
Seat belts can save lives, use them.

  Use solar power. 
Solar power is the most plentiful renewable power source available and could allow us total independence from earth based fuel. Fossil fuels are limited and they pollute the environment when produced and burned.

  Use sponges or rags instead of paper towels. 
An average sized family goes through 3 rolls of paper towels per week, that adds up to an enormous amount of waste. Using a rag or a sponge saves many trees worth of paper over the course of a lifetime.

  Use sunscreen. 
The sun is a wonderful thing, but you need to be careful of exposing our skin to too much of it. Doctors suggest sun screen be used whenever you are outdoors. Do yourself a favor and wear sunscreen, preferably all natural sun screen, every day.

  Use tampons without applicators. 

  Use toilet paper containing 50% or more of post consumer waste. 
If saving old growth forests is your interest, using recycled toilet paper is an important purchase decision. Post consumer products are the best way to reduce deforestation.

  Use Your Body To Transport Yourself 
Walk, Bicycle, Get on a Bus or Train!!~ using human power to get yourself around will keep you healthy mentally and physically. You get much needed exercise and meditative, down-time while you walk, bike and sit on a bus or train. Plus you are helping re

  Vaccinate your pet(s). 
Vaccinate all of your pets. If money is a concern, there are many low-cost and even free vaccination clinics available.

  Visit a far-flung friend. 
It may be possible to keep a friend without it, but traveling to visit a friend in person gives life a sense of continuity.

  Visit friends in jail. 
People in jail are in mean and unfriendly environments which may affect them adversely, a friend who visits can make a world of difference in terms of keeping them in touch with their lives out side and helps keep them grounded.

  Visit nature. 
Experiencing the beauty of nature adds depth and meaning to our lives.

You can volunteer your time to pick up trash on the highways or in a park, write letters to congressmen, or teach children about nature. Explore all the ways to get involved, and pick something that excites you.

  Volunteer for your next vacation. 
A lot of great travel opportunities, both domestic and international, exist for people willing to volunteer their time during their next vacation.

  Volunteer in your community. 
There are many ways to volunteer in ones community. Animal shelters, tutoring and mentoring programs and many other organizations could use more volunteers. Lend a hand and you might just help change someone's life--your own.

Voting allows one to be represented on issues and in choosing candidates, and it encourages one to be informed of local, state, and national political issues.

It's the cheapest and easiest form of transportation and it is even healthy.

  Walk your dog 
Dogs need lots of exercise and socialization to be happy and healthy.

  Wash and re-use plastic cups after keg parties. 
No sense in re-buying plastic cups for each keg party. Wash, save and re-use them and save money, the environment and valuable party time!

  Wash dishes, glass and silverware in hot soapy water. 
Germs are passed easily from one person to another on the rim of a cup or an eating utensil. The best way to ensure that all germs and bacteria are killed before the next use is to clean them in hot soapy water.

  Wash the dishes or use the dishwasher... not both! 
If you need to wash your dishes thoroughly before putting them in the dishwasher, save the water and put them in the drying rack instead.

  Wash your dog (and other pets) in a tub. 
Use a tub when washing your dog or other pets. Using the outside hose alone to wash animals wastes water. Using a tub, whether the bathtub inside, or a portable tub outside, ensures that you make the most of the water needed to get your pet clean.

  Water lawns and gardens in the evening or early morning. 
Watering lawns and gardens in the evening or before dawn allows ample time for the soil to absorb the moisture before the sun can evaporate it. Pouring countless gallons of water on our yards is excessive enough.

  Wear a helmet while bicycling. 
Wearing a helmet eveytime you ride your bike protects, your head against head injuries. You may feel silly wearing it on short trips but you never know when you may need it.

  Wear biodegradable clothing. 
Synthetic clothing such as polyester and nylon, doesn't decompose and will be around crowding out some landfill long after we are gone. Natural fibers such as cotton and hemp biodegrade and they do so without any harmful chemical by-products.

  Wear clean clothing. 
Clean clothing shows a certain level of self-respect and respect for those around us. It is healthful and doesn't pollute social breathing areas and add to visual blight.

  Wear sounproof and underpants 
Soundproof underpants allow you to fart in public places, without disturbing others. Furthermore, they generally restrict the smell, which is great, just be careful when you take them off!

  Wear warm clothing instead of using the furnace. 
Even during the coldest temperatures, it is not necessary to constantly maintain shirt sleeve temperatures in our homes. Wearing a sweater at home instead of firing up the furnace saves a great deal of energy and reduces the power bill.

  Weight Loss Program Under Dr. Kerendian Supervision in LA 
Dr. Kerendian is an expert on weight management. He works with you and listens to your problems.He structures a healthy diet program for you

  When driving, be aware of bicycles and share the road! 
Cyclists help to keep our air and water clean. Plus, it's one less car on the road causing more frustrating traffic. Cyclists pay taxes, and have the same rights to the road as drivers. Do the right thing and watch out for their safety!

  When driving, don't speed. 
Respect posted speed limits, because speeding can cause accidents, injuries, and death.

  When something isn't how you want it to be, be supportive. 
Just remember, hurting someone's feelings is never a good thing! Be constructive when criticizing, and point out positive things before the negative, so the person doesn't feel like a complete failure!

  Work for employers who don't piss test 
More and more companies are instituting policies that dictate the private behavior of employees. Requiring a worker or a job applicant to submit to drug testing ferments an atmoshpere of distrust. It focuses on private behavior not the quality of work.

  Work to maintain long-term friendships. 
Distance and time can seperate old friends. Making contact once in a while keeps the friendship alive, rather than losing a friend forever because of neglect.

Write everyday to let your feelings out and to have a better understanding of yourself, situations and relationships. write for fun and creativity. write stories and poetry. share your writing with others.

  Write a GoodHumans guideline of your own. 
Writing a guideline adds to the community opinion of what a goodhuman is. It takes a brief amount of time but it shows that one cares about goodness enough to contribute to the collective thought.
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