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Buy eco-friendly cleaners.

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0 points - I never use eco-friendly cleaning products. 5 points - I use eco-friendly cleaning as a last resort. 25 points - I have one eco-friendly cleaning product in my home.
50 points - I use eco-friendly cleaning products when I can. 75 points - I have purchased several eco-friendly cleaning products but many of the cleaners used in my home are not. 100 points - I use only eco-friendly cleaning products.
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Guideline details
Created by: brent on 2000-02-15 15:41:56
Last modified by: brent on 2000-02-15 15:45:29

Summary: Household cleaners are solutions of powerful cleaning agents and abrasives which may be ideal for cleaning stains, they also damage the environment.

Author's statement:
	Clean water is one of our most valuable natural
resources, it is also our most threatened. Industry produces
enormous amounts of waste and sewage, but residential waste
is actually more taxing on sewage treatment systems because
of the chemical content of residential waste water.
Solvents, "industrial strength" cleaners, and simple
dish soap all contribute to this high toxicity. Waste
treatment filtration processes work to brake down the
composition of these harmful chemicals through dillution,
but at a very high cost to consumers and the environment.
	Consumers have it within their power to drastically
affect the impact to the environment of residential waste
toxicity, simply by making environmentally focused decissions
when purchasing cleaning products. Instead of buying
automatic dishwashing detergent containing harsh
petrochemical ingredients that leave a residence in
sewage lines to an area where he community must
deal with them, one can purchase a natural product,
containing minerals and highly effective plant based cleaning
agents which biodegrade rapidly and completely. These 
eco-friendly, natural cleaning products are comparable in
effectiveness, while leaving no petrochemical residue on cleaned surfaces.
	These simple changes in shopping habits, have great 
beneficial rewards to the health of the environment.

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