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  Eat less poultry  superceeded
Try to eat as little poultry as possible.

  Drive a more fuel efficient car.  superceeded
A fuel efficient car is not only easier on the pocket book, it is easier on the ozone and our limited fossil fuels too.

  Help others move.  superceeded
Moving is a cathartic labor intensive process. Often, the aid of extra person-power and/or a larger vehicle is necessary.

  Call your mother.  superceeded
Parents may desire more contact with their sons and daughters than the offspring themselves.

  Visit a far-flung friend.  superceeded
It may be possible to keep a friend without it, but traveling to visit a friend in person gives life a sense of continuity.

  Don't use to-go containers.  superceeded
To-go containers are a convenient, but inefficient and environmentally harmful food storage device.

  Buy eco-friendly cleaners.  superceeded
Houshold cleaners are solutions of powerful cleaning agents and abrasives which may be ideal for cleaning stains, they also damage the environment.

  Treat all persons equally.  superceeded
Unfair treatment on the basis of gender, race, age, religion etc. limits social, cultural and economic exchange, and is counterproductive in an open society and free-market.

  Be a mentor.  superceeded
Mentorship is a legacy of giving, it enriches individuals and society. Education is incomplete without the guidance and wisdom of one who is accomplished and successful.

  Vote.  superceeded
Voting allows one to be represented on issues and in choosing candidates, and it encourages one to be informed of local, state, and national political issues.

  Car pool.  superceeded
Put two people going to the same place, in the same car, and the environment benefits.

  Tip street performers.  superceeded
Street performers of any type, talented or not, enrich our culture and should be rewarded for their gift to us.

  Compost kitchen scraps, leaves and yard clippings.  superceeded
Leaves, yard clippings and kitchen scraps can be composted, reducing landfill glut, and producing, rich organic gardening fertilizer.

  Use hemp clothing.  superceeded
Hemp cloth has better strength and softness than cotton, without the huge range of environmental problems associated with it.

  Help push a stalled car.  superceeded
A person is having car trouble and is pushing their car to a safer area, or they need a "push-start", pull over and lend a hand.

  Be more honest.  superceeded
Our lives can be very complicated socially and professionally, not being truthful unnecessarily complicates it more and promotes unhappiness.

  Shop at farmer's markets.  superceeded
Buying directly from associated farmers at farmer's markets, supports small, organic, and family farms, and affords one the opportunity to select from the finest quality foods available.

  Recycle.  superceeded
With natural resources dwindling and landfills growing, it is necessary and quite easy to recycle.

  Grow your own food.  superceeded
When we grow our own food, we eat more healthful, get more exercise and begin to look and feel more vibrant and attractive as we get in touch with the earth.

  Be a friend.  superceeded
Want a friend? Be a friend.

  Support local live music.  superceeded
Attending local live music performances is good for the soul, the community and the players too.

  Give charitably.  superceeded
Giving contributions to charitable organizations, friends in need, or a needy person on the street, helps our fellow person, our society, and benefits humanity.

  Be an unsung hero.  superceeded
Work honorably, and without needing recognition. Focus on the deed, not the reward.

  Acknowledge good qualities.  superceeded
What is more honorable than being an unsung hero? Acknowledging the good deeds and qualities in others.

  Use protection.  superceeded
Sex is fun, but it can also be reproductive and dangerous. Using "protection" puts the fun back in sex.

  Visit nature.  superceeded
Experiencing the beauty of nature adds depth and meaning to our lives.

  Put friends up for the night.  superceeded
Sometimes friends need a place to stay. Allowing them to stay at your home is very kind and enables one to spend more time with them.

  Be good.  superceeded
Want a more happy and fulfilling life? Try to be good.

  Be an unsung hero.  superceeded
Working honorably and without needing recognition, focusing on the deed, not the rewards, eliminates reward oriented and competitive motivations, lending a less anxious and more dignified quality to work and life.

  Plant trees at home.  superceeded
Planting trees at home, enriches the natural environment and beautifies our world.

  Buy locally produced goods and services.  superceeded
Purchasing local products stabilizes jobs and bolsters the economy.

  Smoke fewer cigarettes.  superceeded
Cigarettes are etremely harmful to smokers and those around them, they are intentionaly addictive and pollute cradle-to- grave. Smoking fewer cigarettes is beneficial to other people and ourselves.

  Read books instead of watching television.  superceeded
Reading exercises our imagination, is more entertaining and less sedating than television.

  Listen more intently when others speak.  superceeded
Listening more intently to others allows them to more fully communicate, while you gain a better understanding of them and what they are saying.

  Tailgate less in traffic.  superceeded
Tailgating may be an attempt to send a message to another driver to move over or speed up, but it endangers others and is a sign of impatience.

  Adopt a pet from the shelter.  superceeded
Rescuing an unwanted or runaway animal from an adoption center saves the life of the animal and brings joy to yours.

  Tip service workers 20% or more.  superceeded
Service workers work tirelessly to please us, tipping well acknowledges this and benefits real people, not some faceless corporation.

  Wear clean clothing.  superceeded
Clean clothing shows a certain level of self-respect and respect for those around us. It is healthful and doesn't pollute social breathing areas and add to visual blight.

  Read the daily news.  superceeded
When we read the daily news, we stay informed, expand our vocabulary, and stay in direct contact with our society and culture.

  Look at art.  superceeded
Art reflects life. Looking at art helps us see the beauty around us, in others and in ourselves.

  Don't steal. 
Stealing may be an expedient way to aquire wealth or an object of desire, but it all comes back in the end and it will be you who is stolen from.

  Don't kill people.  superceeded
Don't kill people, you'll regret it later. Its bad for the soul, Karma and possibilities for future happiness.

  Tell jokes. 
Telling jokes gives a burst of fun and laughter to social settings of any size. Humor takes the pain of life away, making it brighter and more enjoyable.

  Sing or whistle out loud.  superceeded
Singing and whistling lightens the spirits ans spreads one's infectious joy. When one makes a "joyful noise", one creates positivity and optimism.

  Loan money to friends in need.  superceeded
When friends become financially overextended they might ask us for help with a loan. Loaning a friend money is very charitalble and may help them to be housed and fed.

  Pick up hitchhikers. 
For whatever reason, people don't have transportation to a destination and they stand on the roadside "thumbing it". Picking up hitch hikers helps a person in need, and puts us in direct touch with another interesting person.

  Visit friends in jail.  superceeded
People in jail are in mean and unfriendly environments which may affect them adversely, a friend who visits can make a world of difference in terms of keeping them in touch with their lives out side and helps keep them grounded.

  Don't swear in front of children.  superceeded
Children need positive and optimistic environments, swearing infront of them serves to infect them with meanness, coloring their world with disharmony.

  Don't pick fights.  superceeded
People may upset us, but that is no reason to become physically confrontational. Resorting to violence doesn't solve problems, it exasorbates them.

  Massage others.  superceeded
Our lives are stressful and the human body becomes fatigued, giving someone a massage is a generous and caring gift.
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