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Towards Organic Way of life

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Created by: Mangudi on 2005-06-15 21:47:29
Last modified by: Mangudi on 2005-06-15 21:51:43

Summary: Organic way of living is still best way to be active in this world after all the damages that has been done by human being.Turn into organic and see the beauty of life comes to life.

Author's statement:
Due to our current "modern" life-style our body constantly must resist various environmental poisons constantly. Regardless of the health and modernity of our way of life it is certain: Our body needs a healthy nutrition with little fat, high fiber and nutrient portion according to the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as plentifully complex coal hydrates.
By the regular consumption of fresh fruit and vegetable - preferably from purely biological cultivation - the body can be supplied with the appropriate nutrients and therefore working optimally. Continuously the number grows for some time at scientific studies, which confirm the welfare strength of vegetarian food.
It is interesting that humans die from more than 250 diseases, whereas grass-corrosive animals are afflicted such as elephant, cattle and horse only die from five to ten diseases. The fact that their nutrition contributes for this an appropriate part probably is out of question.

K-Link developed with Organic K-BioGreen a natural, organic food addition. It contains 58 selected contents materials, which importantly support the human body by the cleaning and detoxification and also by the renewal of the organs as well as the stabilization of the immune system.
By the use of Organic K-BioGreen one can supply a large range at vitally necessary and nature-left nutrients to the body. The application can be advised to those, which would like to nourish healthy and/or pay attention to their body weight.
K-BioGreen is a purely natural and organic product. It does not contain any genetically changed contents materials, no artificial taste or colouring materials, no growth conveyances or preservatives. The organic plants, which are used for Organic K-BioGreen, exclusively come from certified agriculture goods.

At the beginning of the use of Organic K-BioGreen - when the body begins with the cleaning and decontamination - possibly intensified intestine activity, increased urine impulse or occasionally also easy headache can occur. In the case of latter feature this can be alleviated by drinking a glass of water.
Ingredients of Organic K-BioGreen

Organic K-BioGreen - the biological food addition - contains:

Organic socks
Hemp wallets
Organic clothing
Hemp bags

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