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      Don't patronize events that exploit animals 
    Circuses, rodeos, horse and dog races, zoos, bullfights and marine parks are just a few examples of events in which animals are exploited for human entertainment. Would you want to live in a cage and perform for people every day of the year?

      express yourself to the benefit of others 
    Personal expression that give others pause to consider opens paths of communication that are vital to the understanding of others perspectives as long as its by way of their own free will and no one is hurt or property damaged.

      Give everyone a chance near the front at general admission shows 
    Even if you got there first, let a latecomer have some time near the front of a concert.

      Hold parties in venues where the use fee will go to a good cause 
    Hold parties in parks, historic buildings, or other venues where your use/rental fee will go to a good cause.

      If you use drugs, be responsible 
    Many foreign substances, from caffiene to morphine, can be mentally and physically addictive. Use, don't abuse.

      Learn to play an instrument. 
    There is little in terms of personal enrichment that is more enriching than gaining the ability to play music. It has been shown to improve memory capacity in children and it literaly brings music to our lives.

      Let the cocktail waitress through the crowd at music shows 
    Make way for the waitress, she is only doing her job. Music shows can be very crowded with a lot of drunk people, making it difficult to navigate the crowd. When you see a waitress with a drink tray, move out of the way and let her pass so she can ser

      Look at art. 
    Art reflects life. Looking at art helps us see the beauty around us, in others and in ourselves.

      Offer to help your host clear the table and clean dishes. 
    Good manners and a willingness to chip in make any social occaision more fun and promotes healthy relationships.

      Pass used magazines on to friends or organizations. 

      Read books instead of watching television. 
    Reading exercises our imagination, is more entertaining and less sedating than television.

      RSVP if it's requested. 
    If a RSVP is requested on an invitation, let the host or hostess know whether you are going to attend; it's an easy thing to do and is a common courtesy you should extend to anyone inviting you to an event.

      Sing or whistle out loud. 
    Singing and whistling lightens the spirits and spreads one's infectious joy. When one makes a "joyful noise", one creates positivity and optimism.

      Stay away from the circus 
    Most circuses treat animals very poorly. They keep them in cramped cages and even beat them. Avoiding the circus will help to free these animals

      Subscribe to electronic journals and newspapers. 
    Reading your morning paper and favorite magazines online is a great way to reduce paper use. Why not switch to e-subscriptions?

      Support independent radio. 
    Independent radio stations need our support, it is good to help financially or just to listen, because the programming is free from corporate control and the incredible bias inherant there. This makes for a more well rounded and interesting person.

      Support independent theatre 
    Independent artists bring us new ideas and new ways of expressing ideas, but they rarely get enough money to make their endeavors financially possible. You will likely bring something back with you, and it will also make you more involved with your

      Support local live music. 
    Attending local live music performances is good for the soul, the community and the players too.

      Tip street performers. 
    Street performers of any type, talented or not, enrich our culture and should be rewarded for their gift to us.

      Use hand-stamps instead of plastic wristbands for ID purposes. 
    Many nightclubs and outdoor music festivals use plastic wristbands to identify folks who have paid and/or are of legal age to drink alcohol. These wristbands are used once, then discarded. A hand-stamp merely washes away.

      Wash and re-use plastic cups after keg parties. 
    No sense in re-buying plastic cups for each keg party. Wash, save and re-use them and save money, the environment and valuable party time!

      Bring your own reusable to-go containers! 
    If you usually end up taking half of your meal home from restaurants, why not plan ahead and bring a reusable container with you when you dine out or order take-out food.

      Buy locally produced goods and services. 
    Purchasing local products stabilizes jobs and bolsters the economy.

      Dine with others. 
    When we sit down to eat a meal with others, it elevates a daily mundane activity into a more enjoyable occasion. We have a little time to share our thoughts, some conversation, and the experience of being together.

      Don't pirate satellite signals 
    Even if it is cheap and easy, don't steal satellite signals to get free tv.

      Donate leftover wedding food to charity. 
    Have leftover food from the wedding reception? Donate it to a homeless shelter or other charity.

      Donate wedding flowers to a nursing home or other charity. 
    Donate wedding flowers to those who will really appreciate them, perhaps to a nursing home, womens' shelter, or any other organization that could use some brightening up.

      Don\'t use to-go containers. 
    To-go containers are a convenient, but inefficient and environmentally harmful food storage device.

      Inform your market that you make eco-friendly purchases. 
    Tell the managers and/or owners at the stores and restaurants where you shop that you are making your buying decisions based on the environmental impact of products and packaging. They value your input and will make their purchases based on your comment

      Instead of wedding favors, donate money to a charity. 

      Look for wines made from organically grown grapes. 
    If you like to have a glass of wine, make sure it is less harmful to you and the environment! Organically grown grapes are better because they do not have harmful, toxic pesticides on them or in the soil where they are grown.

      Order your margherita on the rocks! 
    Rather than ruin the ambiance with a noisy blender, try your drink on the rocks!

      Send thank you cards. 
    Sending a thank you card is a small gesture that goes a long way. Expressing your thanks with a quick note will mean a lot to the person who did something nice for you.

      Support your local health food store! 
    Health food stores provide up with options for healthy eating and offer extremely nutritious foods.

      Tipping your server 
    Food servers rely upon tips for a large part of their income. Help them out

      Urge the stores and restaurant you patronize to recycle. 
    We as individuals have enormous power to create change in our lives and community, it just takes trying. Insisting that the places you shop at recycle to keep your repeat business, shows the real power of the consumer.

      Write thank you notes on tree-free and/or recycled stationary 
    Show your appreciation for a gift and help preserve our forests at the same time!

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