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Don't kill people.

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0 points - I have killed people. 5 points - I have tried to kill a person, but they didn't die. 25 points - I want to kill a person right now, but I haven't yet.
50 points - I have killed by accident. 75 points - I have considered killing, but have never done it. 100 points - I have never killed a person, and have never considered it.
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Guideline details
Created by: Jennifer_Ross on 2000-04-25 22:07:28
Last modified by: Jennifer_Ross on 2000-04-25 22:08:25

Summary: Don't kill people, you'll regret it later. Its bad for the soul, Karma and possibilities for future happiness.

Author's statement:
	"Thou shall not kill" seems like an easy command to
follow, but many of us have killed another person. People
kill other people, in war, in the heat of passion, or when
they flip out and kill just for the fun of it. 
	Throughout history, during battle and in self-defense,
in holy wars and to punish a runaway slave or to rid the land
of savages, people have killed thinking they were totally
righteous in their deed.
	The terrible thing you don't hear about, is the 
guilt murderers feel afterwards. People in prison, veterans
and murderers of all kinds will tell you, its not an easy
thing to live with. It can mean eternal damnation, ruined
karma or living life with a dead soul, depending on your 
beliefs. The image of snuffing out another human life will
haunt a person. 
	Beyond robbing one of one's life, taking one away
from one's family and friends is brutal thing in itself.
	If one does want to kill another, one should consider
forgiveness, not killing the person and having compassion.
This disolves hatred and allows the person to live a more
fulfilling and peaceful existance. When one kills, one never
truly is able to rest, always anxious of being caught. Life
on the run is no fun. 
	It may seem an easy thing to avoid, but sometimes the
nicest people become murderers and must live the rest of 
their lives as such. 
	Don't kill people, it may seem to be a prudent thing at
the time, but the moment will pass and you'll be happy you
didn't do it.

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