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  Be a tutor. 
When someone is having difficulty learning something that we already know, offering to tutor them greatly increases their chances of success. It is a refresher and chances are that someone helped us learn a thing or two.

  Be informed about environmental issues. 
Staying informed about environmental issues helps one vote knowledgably and purchase wisely, affecting change.

  Be quiet in the library. 

Don't worry about knowing everything or nothing. Focus on one thing, and become an expert.

  Get an education. 
Getting an education enables us to seek more sophisticated and financially rewarding employment as well as being a personally and socially enriching experience.

  Home-scool or free-school your children 
The education system is about programming chilfren to be "good citizens". Free schooling is about empowerment and allows children to learn naturally and to learn about empowerment by experiencing it.

  Learn another language. 

  Pass on your wisdom and experience. 
By sharing your knowledge and wisdom, you open a door for others. Others will be interested and pass their knowledge unto you.

  Study hard. 
Wouldn't it be great if we remembered everything we learn? When we study "hard" we gain a better understanding of a topic and can retain the knowledge longer, this saves time not having to refresh or relearn something, we carry the knowledge with us.

  Support local, state, and national education initiatives. 
Support education initiatives by voting yes on pro-education bonds and other legislation. Education is one of the most important services that governments provide; do all you can to demand the best education system possible.

  Support your local library. 
Your local library is a community resource offering everyone the opportunity to learn. Support your local library by checking books out, participating in its book drives, sales, and other activities, and voting to continue public spending on it.

  the meaning of education 
Education should be a means to enlighten, broaden, and stretch our minds.Not a system to limit ourminds

  Think! Read! Learn! Know! 
Reading the paper or watching the news does not make one informed. Media sources are often biased or have ulterior motives when presenting you with the "facts". You must learn to think for yourself, by any means necessary. Your television, your priest,

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