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  Buy clothing for your child made from organic cotton material. 
Buying clothing for your child made of organic cotton insures you that toxic chemicals from the pesticide laden cotton production process aren't going to irritate baby's soft skin. Buying organic is also beneficial for the environment.

  Buy less leather. 
Killing animals for wearable items is a horrid way to clothe ourselves. Not purchasing leather goods saves cow's lives.

  Don't buy clothes that require dry cleaning. 
Dry cleaning pollutes the environment and the chemicals are toxic to humans.

  Donate old clothing to charity. 
Your jeans may seem old and worn out to you, but they may be just perfect for someone else. Give your clothes a chance at a new life, donate them to the Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other appropriate organization.

  I help out my family by recycling things 
Help out your family and friends by giving them anything I no longer use for their use. I find out what each person needs or wants and if I have it and it is not needed now I will give it to the other p erson.

  Learn to sew 
Altering and mending will prolong your clothing's life. Making your own garments ensures that they weren't created in sweatshops!

  Line dry your clothes. 
Why not give the dryer a rest? Let the sun dry your clothes naturally. Line drying clothing not only saves energy but also gives clothes that sun-fresh smell.

  Reduce animal by-products in your home. 
Animal by-products surround us. That classy leather sofa, the comfy down comforter and that prized stuffed elk's head you are so proud of all were killed unnecessarily. Animals no longer must die for human comfort, we can grow and manufacture our stuff.

  Resist wearing fur. 
The fur industry's product production depends on the brutal killing of intellgent, magestic wild animals. It is uneccessary to kill animals for our coats.

  Return wire hangers to the dry cleaners. 

  SMILE!! It creates the positive energy needed to survive. 
A smile takes less muscle use than a frown,and it is the only thing you can give to someone and help prevent global depression!!!

  Use cloth diapers. 
They say that 1% of all American landfill space is occupied by disposable diapers which take up to 500 years to decompose. Cotton can be reused 100 times and decomposes in 1-6 months. Reduce landfill glut and save natural resources, use cloth diapers.

  Use hemp clothing. 
Hemp cloth has better strength and softness than cotton, without the huge range of environmental problems associated with it.

  Wear biodegradable clothing. 
Synthetic clothing such as polyester and nylon, doesn't decompose and will be around crowding out some landfill long after we are gone. Natural fibers such as cotton and hemp biodegrade and they do so without any harmful chemical by-products.

  Wear clean clothing. 
Clean clothing shows a certain level of self-respect and respect for those around us. It is healthful and doesn't pollute social breathing areas and add to visual blight.

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