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  • Are all of the GoodHumans products vegan?   
    Yes. All of the products sold on the GoodHumans website are completely vegan. There are no ingredients derived from animals (or insects) in any of the products that we sell. None of the products that we sell are tested on animals.

  • Are your products fairly traded?   
    We make every effort to ensure that the products sold at GoodHumans are manufactured in the most socially responsible manner possible. We take the word of our manufacturers that no human rights violations are committed in the production of ... Read more

  • What is hemp?   
    Hemp is an extremely versatile plant fiber derived from the Cannabis plant. Since ancient times, hemp has been used to create cloth, rope, canvas, oil, and paper (among other things). Hemp can be grown naturally, without ... Read more

  • What is a low-impact dye?   
    A low-impact dye is a dye that mostly gets absorbed by the fabric that is being dyed. This generates less runoff of the dye, which might contain heavy metals, among other things. Low impact dyes are generally considered to be better for ... Read more

  • What is a natural dye?   
    A natural dye is a dye that is created from naturally occuring sources, such as a plant..

  • How do I submit my product to be sold on the GoodHumans website?   
    GoodHumans is always looking for more eco-friendy vegan products to offer on our website. If your company has one or more products that are appropriate for distribution on our website, please send us a wholesale catalog and ... Read more

  • Do you have a print catalog?   
    We do have a print catalog that we would be happy to mail to you. You can order this catalog online at:

  • Why can't I find the product or size I saw previously?   
    Occasionally our manufacturers discontinue colors, sizes or styles. As we sell out of discontinued products, the software on the GoodHumans site will only allow customers to order what we have left in stock. So, if you are trying to order ... Read more

  • How can I tell what size clothes to order?   
    As a natural products retailer, we sell a variety of different eco-brands. Some may have clothing lines that run slightly smaller or larger than standard norms. Many items come in S, M, and L. As this can mean different things to different ... Read more

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