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Mailing address
343 Soquel Ave. #514
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Phone numbers
Office: (831) 420-0118
FAX: (831) 621-3890

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  • Who we are
    GoodHumans is a leading online retailer of environmentally responsible products. Since its inception in February of 2000, GoodHumans has been steadily growing both its product line and customer base. We boast hundreds of earth and human friendly products in our online store, and we ship throughout the country and around the world. With our unmatched customer service policies and our user-friendly website, we provide a pleasant and hassle-free shopping experience for our customers. GoodHumans is a family owned and operated business where the business is treated as a member of the family. Headquartered in beautiful Santa Cruz, California, GoodHumans may be visited online at

    Our mission
    Our mission is to help make the earth a healthier place for all inhabitants by providing high quality, fairly traded, environmentally friendly products to consumers at reasonable prices. We strive to help people become 'good' human beings, by making it easier for consumers to live their lives as they are accustomed, while having a less negative impact on the environment and the less fortunate peoples of the world. We feel that as people learn that sustainable, socially conscious products can be purchased at comparable prices and quality to those products which are not-sustainable, consumers will make the choice to purchase sustainable goods, and thereby help protect future generations from a deteriorating environment. As consumers make this choice, the market for these types of products will grow and more companies will produce sustainable, socially responsible products. Eventually, sustainable products will become the norm, and we look forward to the day when all businesses consider the environment and labor conditions when producing goods and making business decisions.

    Our values
    GoodHumans values humans of all races and nations. We think that every worker should be paid fairly and treated humanely. We make every effort to ensure that the products sold at GoodHumans are manufactured in the most socially responsible manner possible, without the use of sweat-shop labor. Most of the items we offer are produced in small scale or co-op businesses owned and operated by the workers themselves. GoodHumans values the environment. We strive to set an example of how an environmentally conscious business can be run. We take the environment and human welfare into account for all business decisions. We use only recycled and reused materials for our packaging, and we use recycled or other environmentally conscious products, whenever possible, for all of our office supply and equipment needs. GoodHumans values all life. We sell only products that do not contain ingredients derived from animals and that have not been tested on animals. GoodHumans values our customers. Each customer is treated in the highest regard and in the same manner that we like to be treated as consumers. GoodHumans honors both the Earth Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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