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  Walk your dog  superceeded
Dogs need lots of exercise and socialization to be happy and healthy.

  Help others  superceeded
Do what you can lend a helping hand to those in need.

  Treat others with kindness  superceeded
Being kind makes everyone involved feel good.

  Think good thoughts 
By thinking good thoughts we promote positive energy within ourselves and toward the outside world.

  Plant a tree  superceeded
Trees are beautiful and they clean our air.

  Pick up litter.  superceeded
Help keep your environment clean by picking up litter.

  Say "hello" to your neighbors. 
When you see your neighbor our in the yard give a little wave, smile, and say "hello".

  Brush your teeth. 
Brush your teeth twice-a-day, everyday.

  When driving, don't speed. 
Respect posted speed limits, because speeding can cause accidents, injuries, and death.

  Be a designated driver.  superceeded
Intentionally staying sober to drive others who are drinking, saves lives, driving records and thousands of dollars in fines.

  Treat all persons equally.  superceeded
Unfair treatment on the basis of gender, race, age, religion etc. limits social, cultural and economic exchange, and is counterproductive in an open society and free-market.

  Make gifts. 
When we make holiday or birthday gifts in the kitchen, or create items from discarded materials, we save natural resources and reduce potential waste, while giving from the heart.

  Buy organically grown tea instead of commercially grown tea. 
As we all know, pesticides are harmful to the health of our planet and the beings who reside here. Buying organic tea is one way to help keep our soil, water and bodies free from carcinogenic and other toxic substances.

  Compost the dust swept up from the floor. 
Dust, hair, sand, dirt and kitchen food scraps are all great for the compost pile. In a lifetime one could save quite a bit of landfill space while enriching the land where one lives.

  Bring your own reusable to-go containers! 
If you usually end up taking half of your meal home from restaurants, why not plan ahead and bring a reusable container with you when you dine out or order take-out food.

  Consider renting an eco-friendly rental car. 
Environmental Vehicle Rental rents alternative fuel vehicles, including electric and gas, which are less harmful to the environment than regular combustion engine vehicles.

  Recycle used deodorant containers. 
Most deodorant containers are made from recycleable plastic. Let's keep this out of our landfills and away from degrading into our water supply!

  Bundle up rather than blasting the heat. 
Sometimes it's enough just to put on a sweater or warm socks rather than turning up the heat. This can save money and energy!

  Clean and replace air conditioner filters. 
By simply cleaning that dirty filter in your air conditioner, you can save 5% of the energy used and reduce carbon dioxide.

  Chop your veggies by hand. 
Rather than using a noisy, electric appliance, save energy and exercise your muscles by hand-chopping vegetables.

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