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  For land's sake, RECYCLE  poll closed
Recycling reduces the amount of garbage we must bury or burn. Rubber, plastics, and metals take centuries to decompose and create MOUNDS of land pollution. Burning trash releases toxic chemicals and contributes to air pollution.

  Forgive instead of holding grudges.  poll closed
When we hold grudges we store bitterness, anger and resentment, which produces unhappiness within. Forgiving those who cross us allows us to become more content and happy people.

  Forgive people when they make mistakes. 
Remember that we all make mistakes. If someone does something that causes problems for you, remember that they may not have done so out of spite.

  Garden organically. 
Using natural pesticides and fertilizers and other organic gardening techniques, one can reduce chemical run-off, create a less harmful environment and produce great tasting and beautiful looking plants.

  Get AIDs tested.  poll closed
Not everyone uses protection all of the time, and most likely you haven't either. There is a several year delay between the time one becomes infected and when it can be detected.

  Get an education. 
Getting an education enables us to seek more sophisticated and financially rewarding employment as well as being a personally and socially enriching experience.

  Get out of the house  poll closed
Make yourself an active member of your community!

  Get rid of fleas naturally.  poll closed

  Give a "courtesy wave" when someone lets you in in traffic. 
It may seem insignificant, but a quick courtesy wave to a fellow driver who lets you cut in in traffic lets that person know that the gesture is appreciated.

  Give a manicure.  poll closed
Giving a manicure is a nice thing to do on several levels. You are helping someone manage their problem nails and cuticles while you share a little face-to-face hand holding and communication. The manicure exchange is also very nice.

  Give everyone a chance near the front at general admission shows 
Even if you got there first, let a latecomer have some time near the front of a concert.

  Give flowers to friends and loved ones. 
Giving flowers is a very caring and loving gesture whether you purchase an expensive bouquet or pick them fresh from your yard or garden. A single flower is beautiful by itself or you can create a fragrant bouquet by arranging several of them artfully.

  Give money to charity.  poll closed
There are many charitable organizations which do great things all over the world. Giving money to these organzations is a great way to do good.

  Give spare change to panhandlers. 
Some are truely down on their luck or are having difficulty getting back on track, others are drunks, addicts or petty scam artists but no one should have to go hungry. Giving spare change can help them get food or whatever else they deem necessary.

  Give unwanted clothes to the poor  poll closed
Giving to the poor not only helps a friend in need, but it also is a form of recycling.

  Give what money you can to friends in need and do not request repayment. 
Cheerfully present an amount of money you can and tell your friends you know they'd do the same for you if you needed some. This behavior will leave everyone comfortable about the help you provided.. charitalble and may help them to be housed and fed.

  Go to the library instead of the bookstore.  poll closed
Purchasing books that may be used little more than once is very wasteful as compared to going to the library and reading books that will be used many times. This saves trees and eliminates waste.

  good friends  poll closed
are you always there for your friends when they need you

  Good: Only Christ is good!  poll closed
The heart of the human problem is the heart. We all like sheep have gone astray and eah of us has turned to his own way and the Lord has laid on Him the eniquity of us all -The Bible-

  Grow your own food.  poll closed
When we grow our own food, we eat more healthful, get more exercise and begin to look and feel more vibrant and attractive as we get in touch with the earth.

  Guys, put the seat down. 
It is common courtesy, good hygiene and one of our basic social mores, to exhibit proper toilet behavior. Lift the seat - keeping it as clean as possible - then flush, and drop the seat when finished.

  Have a big, round, blue head...  poll closed
Dance around with a big grin on your face! Leave spirals in your wake!

  Have Compassion for Criminals  rejected
Criminals are human beings and are capable of change.

  Have less than three biological children. 
The world is overpopulated. We can reduce the population by having less children. If you only have 2 children, you are just 'replacing' yourselves.

  Have pets.  poll closed
Pets remind us of the simplicity of life, they can be playful and very affectionate. When we take care of a pet, we are focused on something that brings happiness to us, which makes us better people.

  Have plants and flowers in your home. 
Plants and flowers brighten our environment, bringing life and beauty to any space. They require regular watering, ritually bringing us into their world and expanding ours.

  Heat your home more efficiently.  poll closed
Save energy and help prevent global warming by maximizing the efficiency of heating and cooling systems in the home, use double paned windows, insulation, ceiling fans and don't use the heater when away.

  Help others 
Do what you can lend a helping hand to those in need.

  Help others move.  poll closed
Moving is a cathartic labor intensive process. Often, the aid of extra person-power and/or a larger vehicle is necessary.

  Help out with your friends' children 
It's hard to raise children in today's world. Your friends need all of the help they can get.

  Help push a stalled car.  poll closed
A person is having car trouble and is pushing their car to a safer area, or they need a "push-start", pull over and lend a hand.

  Hold parties in venues where the use fee will go to a good cause  poll closed
Hold parties in parks, historic buildings, or other venues where your use/rental fee will go to a good cause.

  Home & Garden Tips  poll closed
Tips that will making running a household easier and less time consuming! Find an assortment of Tips for Inside and Out and for Family.

  Home-scool or free-school your children  poll closed
The education system is about programming chilfren to be "good citizens". Free schooling is about empowerment and allows children to learn naturally and to learn about empowerment by experiencing it.

  Honor your Children  poll closed
Children are the hope of Humankind, Earth's greatest resource. Treat them with the love and respect they deserve, and teach them all you know, that they grow strong and true.

  How to Create a Sustainable Economy and Future on our Planet  poll closed
San Diego ecologist Jim Bell has published "Creating a Sustainable Economy and Future on our Planet". Read it for free, print it without restrictions at It's astonishing! And it can be done!

  I am Selling Chinese knot!  poll closed
There are many Chinese ethic characteristic bracelet and procelained ornament box.

  I help out my family by recycling things  poll closed
Help out your family and friends by giving them anything I no longer use for their use. I find out what each person needs or wants and if I have it and it is not needed now I will give it to the other p erson.

  If you dont have time- Don't have a pet.  poll closed
Many people have good intentions when they first ADOPT/buy a pet- but all too often the animal is left alone in a kennel or tied up in the back yard. It's important for an animal to have plenty of time, love, and attention so it can grow up into a healthy

  If you smoke, which you should not, Don't toss cigarettes out car windows 
Cars and trucks come with ashtrays standard. You could start fires, or even cause an accident. Empty your ashtray into a garbage can if you smoke.

  If you use drugs, be responsible  poll closed
Many foreign substances, from caffiene to morphine, can be mentally and physically addictive. Use, don't abuse.

  Inform your market that you make eco-friendly purchases.  poll closed
Tell the managers and/or owners at the stores and restaurants where you shop that you are making your buying decisions based on the environmental impact of products and packaging. They value your input and will make their purchases based on your comment

  Install software for paperless faxing.  poll closed
Faxes normally transmit information from paper that is fed through them, which negates the beauty of a paper free email society. Installing paperless faxing saves paper, trees, and an additional trip to the fax machine.

  Instead of wedding favors, donate money to a charity.  poll closed

  Insulate your home. 
Insulating the walls and ceilings in your home can save about a quarter of your heating energy bills and reduces thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide yearly.

  Insulate your water heater.  poll closed
Wrapping your water heater in insulation reduces carbon dioxide by 1000 pounds a year.

  Invite friends over. 
When friends visit, we share our home and open our lives to them. Our hospitality is a treaty of friendship.

  Keep household chemicals out of children's reach.  poll closed
Our households contain very harmful cleaning chemicals which are often stored in low level cabinets and shelves where children can reach them. Keeping chemicals out of children's reach can save their lives.

  Keep toxins away from infants. 
Your child is very curious and wants to get into things...everything. Storing harmful chemical cleaners and other toxins away from children may save their lives.

  Keep your bedroom clean.  poll closed
When our bedroom is clean and organized, we can effectively organize the rest of our life; our clothes are cleaner and less rinkled, we can find our car keys and friends want to visit and maybe even sleep over.
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