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A dripping faucet can waste an amazing amount of water. Fix leaking or dripping faucets as soon as possible.

  Proofread and spell check before printing.  superceeded

  Learn another language.  poll closed

  Don't use travel agents or tour operators who sell child sex tou  rejected

  Route items around office instead of making copies for everybody  poll closed
A memo or other notice can be posted on a central bulletin board or routed around the office. There is no need to make a separate copy for each person. In the long run this tactic can significantly save paper.

  Provide re-usable mugs and glasses for visitors.  superceeded

  Purchase office-provided items, such as sugar, in bulk.  poll closed
Purchase creamer, sugar, aspirin, etc. in bulk instead of in individually wrapped portions. This both minimizes waste and cuts costs.

  Turn printer off when not in use.  poll closed

  Turn your computer off when not in use.  superceeded
Consider turning your computer off if it will be inactive for more than 16 minutes. After this time the energy needed to run the computer is greater than the start-up energy.

  Post a chalk or wipe board for phone messages and notes.  poll closed
Instead of paper, post a chalkboard or wipe board for phone messages and other household notes.

  Print single-spaced for drafts.  poll closed
If printing a school paper or other long document, print the drafts single-spaced; print only the final copy double-spaced thereby reducing the amount of paper used.

  Upgrade your existing computer instead of buying a new one.  poll closed

  Get rid of fleas naturally.  superceeded

  Use non-toxic pet shampoo.  poll closed

  Use hemp leashes.  poll closed
Use hemp leashes as an alternative to leather or nylon leashes. Leather is an animal by-product and nylon does not biodegrade. Hemp and other natural-fiber leashes are durable, functional, and biodegradable. In addition they look great.

  Buy pet beds made out of natural or recycled materials.  poll closed

  Wash your dog (and other pets) in a tub.  poll closed
Use a tub when washing your dog or other pets. Using the outside hose alone to wash animals wastes water. Using a tub, whether the bathtub inside, or a portable tub outside, ensures that you make the most of the water needed to get your pet clean.

    poll closed

  Use sunscreen.  poll closed
The sun is a wonderful thing, but you need to be careful of exposing our skin to too much of it. Doctors suggest sun screen be used whenever you are outdoors. Do yourself a favor and wear sunscreen, preferably all natural sun screen, every day.

    poll closed

  Resuse chopsticks.  superceeded

  Return wire hangers to the dry cleaners.  poll closed

  Pull weeds instead of using herbicides.  poll closed
It may not be your idea of fun, but pulling weeds by hand eliminates the need for herbicides, and does allow you to be outside and enjoy your garden up-close.

  Compost your leaves and yard debris.  poll closed
Compost your leaves and yard debris or take them to a yard debris recycler. Burning them creates air pollution, and putting them out with the trash wastes landfill space.

  Stay on the trail.  poll closed

  Get rid of fleas naturally.  superceeded
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