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  Engage in meaningful work 
Meaningful work allows us the opportunity to express our innate talents, creativity, and intellect. Meaningful work is both life-affirming and non-exploitive.

  Use seat belts 
Seat belts can save lives, use them.

  Limit sugar consumption 
Sugar contributes to a host of health problems. Limiting or cutting out sugar consumption can improve your health.

  Reuse floppy diskettes  poll closed
Reuse Floppy diskettes; they're easy to reformat and can be used over and over.

  Use pens with replaceable ink cartridges  poll closed

  Donate leftover wedding food to charity.  superceeded
Have leftover food from the wedding reception? Donate it to a homeless shelter or other charity.

  Donate wedding flowers to a nursing home or other charity.  poll closed
Donate wedding flowers to those who will really appreciate them, perhaps to a nursing home, womens' shelter, or any other organization that could use some brightening up.

  Instead of wedding favors, donate money to a charity.  poll closed

  Donate old clothing to charity.  superceeded
Your jeans may seem old and worn out to you, but they may be just perfect for someone else. Give your clothes a chance at a new life, donate them to the Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other appropriate organization.

  Support local, state, and national education initiatives.  superceeded
Support education initiatives by voting yes on pro-education bonds and other legislation. Education is one of the most important services that governments provide; do all you can to demand the best education system possible.

  Line dry your clothes.  superceeded
Why not give the dryer a rest? Let the sun dry your clothes naturally. Line drying clothing not only saves energy but also gives clothes that sun-fresh smell.

  Learn another language.  superceeded

  Hold parties in venues where the use fee will go to a good cause  poll closed
Hold parties in parks, historic buildings, or other venues where your use/rental fee will go to a good cause.

  Always look under public bathroom stalls before waiting in line.  poll closed
Be courteous and give a quick look under the bathroom stall doors to make sure that all stalls are occupied before you create a line.

  Volunteer for your next vacation.  poll closed
A lot of great travel opportunities, both domestic and international, exist for people willing to volunteer their time during their next vacation.

  Don't use travel agents or tour operators who promote child sex 
There are plenty of travel and tour agencies that promote and sell sex tours that involve children; don?t support these businesses.

  Do a home exchange for your next vacation.  poll closed

  Buy handicrafts directly from artists or from an artisan co-op. 
Buying handicrafts directly from an artist or from an organized local artisans co-op ensures that the money you spend will go directly to the artist.

  Stay in locally owned inns, hotels, or B&Bs.  poll closed

  RSVP if it's requested.  poll closed
If a RSVP is requested on an invitation, let the host or hostess know whether you are going to attend; it's an easy thing to do and is a common courtesy you should extend to anyone inviting you to an event.

  Vaccinate your pet(s).  poll closed
Vaccinate all of your pets. If money is a concern, there are many low-cost and even free vaccination clinics available.

  Lobby for curbside recycling.  superceeded

  Support your local library.  poll closed
Your local library is a community resource offering everyone the opportunity to learn. Support your local library by checking books out, participating in its book drives, sales, and other activities, and voting to continue public spending on it.

  Donate blood.  superceeded
Donating blood saves lives. It is an easy (but not entirely painless) way to do something significant for someone in need.

  Donate leftover wedding food to charity.  poll closed
Have leftover food from the wedding reception? Donate it to a homeless shelter or other charity.

  Give a "courtesy wave" when someone lets you in in traffic. 
It may seem insignificant, but a quick courtesy wave to a fellow driver who lets you cut in in traffic lets that person know that the gesture is appreciated.

    poll closed

    poll closed
Driving slow is fine, but doing so in the fast lane is dangerous and irritating to other drivers. Use the right lane if driving slow.

  Be quiet in the library.  poll closed

  Be an organ donor.  poll closed
Be an organ donor and keep an organ donation card in your wallet. You won't need your organs when you're gone, and they could save someone else's life.

  Send thank you cards.  poll closed
Sending a thank you card is a small gesture that goes a long way. Expressing your thanks with a quick note will mean a lot to the person who did something nice for you.


    poll closed
Cats use their claws for everything from grooming to fighting to marking their territory, declawing them is unnecessary and leaves them without their primary means of protection.

  Spay and neuter your pets.  poll closed
With so many pets in need of adoption, there is no reason to have your pets reproduce. Low cost spay and neuter clinics are available.

  Read or listen to international news.  poll closed
Listen to or read news that is produced in countries other than your own. An international perspective gives you a much clearer picture of world events and allows you to make more informed judgments.

  Smile  poll closed
Smiling makes you feel good, uses fewer muscles than frowning, and is sure to brighten someones day.

  Run races for cures.  poll closed
There are numerous races (and walks) that are organized to raise money for disease cures. Choose a worthy cause and race for the cure!

  Sing your child lullabies.  poll closed

  Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins.  poll closed
Cloth napkins can be used again and again, do not require trees to be harvested, and are actually nicer to use than paper napkins.

  Carry and use your own coffee mug or other beverage container.  poll closed
Carry your own beverage container instead of using the paper or plastic cups provided at stores and coffee shops.

  Use a handkerchief instead of tissues.  superceeded
Carry a handkerchief with you instead of using disposable tissues. A handkerchief is tree-free, can be washed and reused, and can be individualized (monogrammed, embroidered, etc.).

  Use reusable coffee filters.  poll closed
Instead of using disposable paper coffee filters, switch to reusable mesh coffee filters. They are tree-free and will save you money too.

  Use concentrated products.  poll closed
Use concentrated products, such as juice, laundry detergent, and other cleaners, when available. Concentrated products reduce packaging waste and save money.

  Buy products in bulk.  poll closed
Buying products in bulk reduces packaging waste, especially if you bring your own reusable containers. It's usually more economical too.

  Pass used magazines on to friends or organizations.  poll closed

  Use tampons without applicators.  poll closed

  Use both sides of paper.  poll closed

  Subscribe to electronic journals and newspapers.  poll closed
Reading your morning paper and favorite magazines online is a great way to reduce paper use. Why not switch to e-subscriptions?

  Avoid aerosols.  poll closed
Avoid aerosols since there is no practical reuse or recycling potential for them. Use products with pumps instead, or use incense or candles to freshen air.

    poll closed
Styrofoam will never degrade, find a substitute.
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