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      Breastfeed you baby  poll closed
    Human milk is good for human babies. Formula is a chemical mixture made in labs that is not good for the earth or babies

      Brush your teeth. 
    Brush your teeth twice-a-day, everyday.

      Consider alternative health remedies.  poll closed
    Doctors seem like dealers for drug companies. They are quick to write prescriptions for pain killers to reduce symptoms but not specific causes of illness. Alternative health practitioners address the body as a whole, which is a more healing approach.

      Donate blood.  poll closed
    Donating blood saves lives. It is an easy (but not entirely painless) way to do something significant for someone in need.

      Donate your long hair for wigs for chemotherapy patients.  poll closed
    If you have long hair and plan on getting it cut, consider donating it to charity. There are organizations who will take your hair and creat realistic wigs for children and adults suffering through chemotherapy.

        poll closed

      Drink only organic milk from cows that are not mistreated.  poll closed
    Drinking only organic milk from cows that are not mistreated is mortally acceptable, and healthy for most people. Dairy products are the best food sources of calcium. Not everyone wants to be a vegan. Not everyone wants to be a vegan.

      Eat fresh fruit and vegetables. 
    Fiberous foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables reduce your risk of cancer and saves money on medical bills.

      Get AIDs tested.  poll closed
    Not everyone uses protection all of the time, and most likely you haven't either. There is a several year delay between the time one becomes infected and when it can be detected.

      Smoke fewer cigarettes.  poll closed
    Cigarettes are extremely harmful to smokers and those around them. They are intentionaly addictive and pollute cradle-to- grave. Smoking fewer cigarettes is beneficial to other people and ourselves.

      Support medical marijuana.  poll closed
    Many people have medical problems that can only be relieved with the use of marijuana. It is cruel to prohibit them from access to this soothing and healing natural herb. The fear of drug proliferation is unsubstantiated.

      Support your local health food store!  poll closed
    Health food stores provide up with options for healthy eating and offer extremely nutritious foods.

      Suppourt a tobbaco ban.  poll closed
    Suppourt a phased in tobbaco ban with the goverment provideing nicorrete, patches, etc. to help people quit.

      Towards Organic Way of life  poll closed
    Organic way of living is still best way to be active in this world after all the damages that has been done by human being.Turn into organic and see the beauty of life comes to life.

      Use protection.  poll closed
    Sex is fun, but it can also be reproductive and dangerous. Using "protection" puts the fun back in sex.

      Use seat belts 
    Seat belts can save lives, use them.

      Use sunscreen.  poll closed
    The sun is a wonderful thing, but you need to be careful of exposing our skin to too much of it. Doctors suggest sun screen be used whenever you are outdoors. Do yourself a favor and wear sunscreen, preferably all natural sun screen, every day.

      Weight Loss Program Under Dr. Kerendian Supervision in LA  poll closed
    Dr. Kerendian is an expert on weight management. He works with you and listens to your problems.He structures a healthy diet program for you

      Avoid excessive x-rays.  poll closed
    It has been proven that x-rays produce harmful radiation poisoning. Avoiding excessive x-rays can save you from having brain cancer. Not letting the dentist x-ray your mouth every six months can save your life.

      Avoid using products tested on animals. 
    Animal testing is a cruel practice that tortures animals causing them pain and often blindness. Avoiding products that use animal testing save unimaginable pain to hundreds of thousands of animals.

      Be an organ donor.  poll closed
    Be an organ donor and keep an organ donation card in your wallet. You won't need your organs when you're gone, and they could save someone else's life.

      Be Respectful @ Funerals  poll closed
    The dead deserve our respect.

      Buy genetic engineering-free food. 
    Foods altered on a genetic level to play up favorable characteristics, may be large and colorful but the effects of genetic manipulation are unknown, to the extent that Europe and New Zealand have bans on the sale of produce affected this way.

      Buy organically grown food 
    Pesticides pollute the water and land.

      Buy organically grown tea instead of commercially grown tea.  poll closed
    As we all know, pesticides are harmful to the health of our planet and the beings who reside here. Buying organic tea is one way to help keep our soil, water and bodies free from carcinogenic and other toxic substances.

      Choose cremation instead of excavation.  poll closed
    Cremation uses relatively little energy as compared with the fuel used to power a backhoe to dig a proper burial hole. Modern cremation utilizes air filtration and produces little in terms of air pollution as compared with excavation equipment.

      Consumption  poll closed
    Being vegan is good for the environment, the animals, yourself, and everyone else in the world.

      Don't eat cow flesh 
    Stop eating all food which contains cow

      Dr. Kerendian in Beverly Hills, Lipotropic Injections for Weight Loss  poll closed
    Lose 10 lbs or more with natural medicine. Injections are combination of Amino Acids and Vitamins

      Drink bottled water. 
    Tap water can be harmful to our health, it contains treated sewage and the dangerous chemicals used to treat it, and well water is increasingly at risk of becoming polluted. Bottled water is from fresh springs, mountain run-off or is filtered.

      Drink lots and lots of water.  poll closed
    Everything the human body does is a chemical process. All chemical processes in the body require water. When the body is not properly hydrated it operates at reduced levels. A body thrives with ample water.

      Eat dophin-free tuna.  poll closed
    Over 25,000 dolphins are killed yearly in tuna nets. Dolphin-free tuna is slightly more expensive but spares thousands of beautiful and highly intelligent animals.

      Eat fewer shrimp. 
    The shrimp industry is a huge one which unintentionaly kills sea turtles, which drown in shrimp nets. Save a sea turtle's life, eat fewer shrimp.

      Eat less factory farmed poultry  poll closed
    Try to eat as little factory farmed poultry as possible instead purchase locally grown pastured chicken from organic/sustainable farms

      eat vegan!  poll closed
    Being vegan is compassionate, ecological, and healthful. What's better than being nice, healthy and saving the planet? (Detailed statistics are available from a number of vegetarian/animal rights sources, such as PETA)

      For land's sake, RECYCLE  poll closed
    Recycling reduces the amount of garbage we must bury or burn. Rubber, plastics, and metals take centuries to decompose and create MOUNDS of land pollution. Burning trash releases toxic chemicals and contributes to air pollution.

      Grow your own food.  poll closed
    When we grow our own food, we eat more healthful, get more exercise and begin to look and feel more vibrant and attractive as we get in touch with the earth.

      Keep your bedroom clean.  poll closed
    When our bedroom is clean and organized, we can effectively organize the rest of our life; our clothes are cleaner and less rinkled, we can find our car keys and friends want to visit and maybe even sleep over.

      Learn to cook  poll closed
    Cooking healthy, delicious meals for yourself and your family saves money, wastes less packaging, and insures the food contains only what you want it to. It's also extremely rewarding!

      Limit sugar consumption 
    Sugar contributes to a host of health problems. Limiting or cutting out sugar consumption can improve your health.

      Look for wines made from organically grown grapes.  poll closed
    If you like to have a glass of wine, make sure it is less harmful to you and the environment! Organically grown grapes are better because they do not have harmful, toxic pesticides on them or in the soil where they are grown.

      Resisist fluoridated water. 
    Not drinking fluoridated water protects your health. Fluoride is a poisonous by-product of the aluminum industry, which lobbies heavily for the fluoridation of your water, making money off their hazardous waste. People become ill from fluoride poisoning.

      Resist foods containing hydrogenated oils.  poll closed
    Hydrogenated oil destroys Vitamin E in the body, slows blood circulation and encourages additional dental plaque. By resisting this cheap immitation for oil in food processing, you will improve your heart and vascular functions and you won't be as fat.

      Resist irradiated food.  poll closed
    Irradiation is a food freshness preservation method that adds a supposedly harmless amount of radiation to food to prolong its life. With sources of cancer at every turn, it doesn't seem prudent to willingly ingest micro amounts of radiation.

      Ride your bicycle  poll closed
    When you need to go somewhere that isn't too far, ride your bicycle there

      Run races for cures.  poll closed
    There are numerous races (and walks) that are organized to raise money for disease cures. Choose a worthy cause and race for the cure!

      Shop at farmer's markets.  poll closed
    Buying directly from associated farmers at farmer's markets, supports small, organic, and family farms, and affords one the opportunity to select from the finest quality foods available.

      smoke a lot of dope  poll closed
    i really enjoy smokeing dope doing a lot of stuff with my friends doing some crazy shit so dope really helps me get away the pain i do with them so do it you stupid people it is really fun

      Supplement your diet with vitamins  poll closed
    Supplementing your diet with vitamins A, E and C and educating yourself about other supplements ensures that you are getting the proper nutrients to live an active lifestyle. You'll be a more vibrant and healthful person.

      Take showers instead of baths. 
    Showering requires less water than it takes to fill a bath tub and saves time too.
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