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  Reuse floppy diskettes  poll closed
Reuse Floppy diskettes; they're easy to reformat and can be used over and over.

  Be a tutor.  poll closed
When someone is having difficulty learning something that we already know, offering to tutor them greatly increases their chances of success. It is a refresher and chances are that someone helped us learn a thing or two.

  Stock investing  poll closed
Do you share all your hot stock tips with your friends or do you keep the for yourself to get a leg up on them?

  Plant a tree  poll closed
Trees are beautiful and they clean our air.

  Respect Those With Whom You Disagree  poll closed
Everybody has a valid point of view. Respect those who disagree with you and try to understand their point of view.

  Recycle toner cartridges.  poll closed
Saving toner cartridges for refilling saves having to send the unrecyclable plastic to a landfill. They are filled with enough remaining toner residue to stain anything you've got.

  Study hard.  poll closed
Wouldn't it be great if we remembered everything we learn? When we study "hard" we gain a better understanding of a topic and can retain the knowledge longer, this saves time not having to refresh or relearn something, we carry the knowledge with us.

  Reduce waste.  poll closed
Reducing household waste by making eco-friendly purchases, sorting out recyclables and simply being more aware of the trash we produce drasticly reduces landfill glut and it also limits the amount of natural resources we expend.

  Use drought-tolerant or native plants in landscaping.  poll closed
Drought-tolerant and native plants need little or just the right amount of water for your region. During dry years, they can exist on less or no water, saving water and the lives of your plants.

  Take public transportation.  poll closed
As discussed in many other guidelines, using alternatives to the automobile for transportation can reduce the negative impact you have on the environment. When possible, take public transporation instead.

  Massage others.  poll closed
Our lives are stressful and the human body becomes fatigued, giving someone a massage is a generous and caring gift.

  Support medical marijuana.  poll closed
Many people have medical problems that can only be relieved with the use of marijuana. It is cruel to prohibit them from access to this soothing and healing natural herb. The fear of drug proliferation is unsubstantiated.

  Ride your bicycle  poll closed
When you need to go somewhere that isn't too far, ride your bicycle there

  Don\'t use to-go containers.  poll closed
To-go containers are a convenient, but inefficient and environmentally harmful food storage device.

  Let the cocktail waitress through the crowd at music shows  poll closed
Make way for the waitress, she is only doing her job. Music shows can be very crowded with a lot of drunk people, making it difficult to navigate the crowd. When you see a waitress with a drink tray, move out of the way and let her pass so she can ser

  Love your pet  poll closed
give your pet lots of adoration, pet it often, pay attention to it, strive to do the same in all your intimate relationships

  Telecommute.  poll closed
Working from home saves fuel, reduces pollution and traffic as well as being easier on you and your family.

  Recycle.  poll closed
With natural resources dwindling and landfills growing, it is necessary and quite easy to recycle.

  Create a lawnmower-free zone in your yard.  poll closed
Challenge conventional wisdom of what a yard should be, by designating at least a portion of your yard as a "no-mow" zone, allowing grasses, weeds and local naturally seeding plants to grow, providing food for birds and other critters.

  Consider alternative health remedies.  poll closed
Doctors seem like dealers for drug companies. They are quick to write prescriptions for pain killers to reduce symptoms but not specific causes of illness. Alternative health practitioners address the body as a whole, which is a more healing approach.

  Live closer to town.  poll closed
Living in or close to town saves gas money and is much less polluting than living in remote regions. Life is a bit easier over-all when one lives near stores and gas stations, its much better for the environment, your fuel budget, and your social life.

  Use reusable shopping bags.  poll closed
If each of us used one less shopping bag a week, we could save hundreds of millions of bags every year. Paper bags are made of virgin paper and plastic bags are not degradable. Using a reusable bag is earth-friendly.

  Use cloth diapers.  poll closed
They say that 1% of all American landfill space is occupied by disposable diapers which take up to 500 years to decompose. Cotton can be reused 100 times and decomposes in 1-6 months. Reduce landfill glut and save natural resources, use cloth diapers.

  Return things you find.  poll closed
We all lose things from time to time, such as wallets, purses and keys, and we can empathize with others when it occurs to them. Often a lost item is invaluable to us, but worthless to others. A goodhuman seeks to return lost items.

  Use pens with replaceable ink cartridges  poll closed

  Donate wedding flowers to a nursing home or other charity.  poll closed
Donate wedding flowers to those who will really appreciate them, perhaps to a nursing home, womens' shelter, or any other organization that could use some brightening up.

  Instead of wedding favors, donate money to a charity.  poll closed

  Buy tree-free paper.  poll closed
Purchasing paper manufactured with tobacco, banana leaf, denim, recycled wood pulp, or hemp, saves trees and is very cool.

  Use hemp clothing.  poll closed
Hemp cloth has better strength and softness than cotton, without the huge range of environmental problems associated with it.

  Plant trees at home.  poll closed
Planting trees at home, enriches the natural environment and beautifies our world.

  Visit nature.  poll closed
Experiencing the beauty of nature adds depth and meaning to our lives.

  Drive a more fuel efficient car.  poll closed
A fuel efficient car is not only easier on the pocket book, it is easier on the ozone and our limited fossil fuels too. *

  Car pool.  poll closed
Put two people going to the same place, in the same car, and the environment benefits.

  Help push a stalled car.  poll closed
A person is having car trouble and is pushing their car to a safer area, or they need a "push-start", pull over and lend a hand.

  Tailgate less in traffic.  poll closed
Tailgating may be an attempt to send a message to another driver to move over or speed up, but it endangers others and is a sign of impatience.

  Be courteous on the road  poll closed
Being considerate of other people on the road makes everyone happier, and safer.

  Be an unsung hero.  poll closed
Working honorably and without needing recognition, focusing on the deed, not the rewards, eliminates reward oriented and competitive motivations, lending a less anxious and more dignified quality to work and life.

  Use protection.  poll closed
Sex is fun, but it can also be reproductive and dangerous. Using "protection" puts the fun back in sex.

  Hold parties in venues where the use fee will go to a good cause  poll closed
Hold parties in parks, historic buildings, or other venues where your use/rental fee will go to a good cause.

  Shop at farmer's markets.  poll closed
Buying directly from associated farmers at farmer's markets, supports small, organic, and family farms, and affords one the opportunity to select from the finest quality foods available.

  Always look under public bathroom stalls before waiting in line.  poll closed
Be courteous and give a quick look under the bathroom stall doors to make sure that all stalls are occupied before you create a line.

  Grow your own food.  poll closed
When we grow our own food, we eat more healthful, get more exercise and begin to look and feel more vibrant and attractive as we get in touch with the earth.

  Keep your bedroom clean.  poll closed
When our bedroom is clean and organized, we can effectively organize the rest of our life; our clothes are cleaner and less rinkled, we can find our car keys and friends want to visit and maybe even sleep over.

  Support local live music.  poll closed
Attending local live music performances is good for the soul, the community and the players too.

  Look at art.  poll closed
Art reflects life. Looking at art helps us see the beauty around us, in others and in ourselves.

  Buy locally produced goods and services.  poll closed
Purchasing local products stabilizes jobs and bolsters the economy.

  Root for underdogs.  poll closed
It is easy to support winners but it requires character to root for the underprivileged, the unfavored and the losing. Victory is sweeter when underdogs win and sometimes the underdog is you.

  Volunteer for your next vacation.  poll closed
A lot of great travel opportunities, both domestic and international, exist for people willing to volunteer their time during their next vacation.

  Do a home exchange for your next vacation.  poll closed

  Stay in locally owned inns, hotels, or B&Bs.  poll closed
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