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This is the place to learn about being a better human being. The game is simple. Just find as many GoodHuman guidelines as you can, and score points for complying with them. If you disagree with them, say so by voting against them, or create your own guidelines about what you think is good.

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      Buy tree-free paper.  poll closed
    Purchasing paper manufactured with tobacco, banana leaf, denim, recycled wood pulp, or hemp, saves trees and is very cool.

      Resist using aluminum foil, plastic wrap and plastic bags.  poll closed
    Disposable food wrapping and storage devices are unnecessary and very polluting as well as being taxing on natural resources. It is much more economical and environmentally kind to use washable plastic containers. If you do use these products, wash and r

      Respect Those With Whom You Disagree  poll closed
    Everybody has a valid point of view. Respect those who disagree with you and try to understand their point of view.

      Reuse jars and plastic containers.  poll closed
    Many of the products that we buy in the supermarket are packaged in jars and plastic containers than can be reused in many different ways. This reduces waste and saves us from having to buy containers.

      Use rechargeable batteries.  poll closed
    Batteries contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment when disposed of. They run down and must be replaced regularly. Using rechargeable batteries saves money and doesn't pollute the earth.

      Vote.  poll closed
    Voting allows one to be represented on issues and in choosing candidates, and it encourages one to be informed of local, state, and national political issues.

        poll closed
    Work from home , great income potential,Indian company.

      Acknowledge good qualities.  poll closed
    What is more honorable than being an unsung hero? Acknowledging the good deeds and qualities in others.

      Add mulch around your plants.  poll closed
    Adding a mulch around plants slows water evaporation, saving water and giving plants a protective covering that will keep them moist even in the hotest weather. There is enormous water savings when all of your plants have a layer of mulch.

      Add weather strip and caulk around windows and doors. 
    Plugging air leaks around doors and windows keeps heat in, saving energy and reducing ozone depleting carbon dioxide.

      Admit to masturbating regularly  poll closed
    People who deny they like to pleasure themselves occasionally are wankers.

      Adopt a pet from the shelter.  poll closed
    Rescuing an unwanted or runaway animal from an adoption center saves the life of the animal and brings joy to yours.

      Agape is... The Intent of the Soul  poll closed
    Agape is, you treat every single living thing as you wish to be treated, for every single living possess soul. If you practice this in your everyday life, the world would be a peaceful place to live, for it is love that feeds the soul

      Always give the benefit of the doubt  poll closed
    Have the courage not to presume the worst and you won't become a cynical old bastard. Instead, you will always keep your possibilities open.

      Always look under public bathroom stalls before waiting in line.  poll closed
    Be courteous and give a quick look under the bathroom stall doors to make sure that all stalls are occupied before you create a line.

      Are you Searching for A Job?  poll closed
    You must be searching for Home Based Job. Your search stops here. Do Online Data Entry Job. Earn As much as you can. Work as much as you can. No Selling or Marketing. Paid per Entry, not per sale or commission. Limited posts are left. Send an e-mai

      ask how their day was  poll closed
    Any wo/man loves to be a part of your life. Asking them how their day was is a great way for the two of become closer.

      Ask your utility company for a home energy audit.  poll closed
    Your power company has an energy audit program that will tell you where your home is poorly insulated or energy-inefficient. This information will help you save energy and lower your energy bill.

      Avoid aerosols.  poll closed
    Avoid aerosols since there is no practical reuse or recycling potential for them. Use products with pumps instead, or use incense or candles to freshen air.

      Avoid excessive x-rays.  poll closed
    It has been proven that x-rays produce harmful radiation poisoning. Avoiding excessive x-rays can save you from having brain cancer. Not letting the dentist x-ray your mouth every six months can save your life.

      Avoid single helping packages.  poll closed
    Purchasing "single helping" packages my be convenient in terms of use, but it is wasteful because there is much more packaging over all, which needlessly expends natural resourses, creates more waste and the cost in relation to the amount goes up.

      Avoid the drink box.  poll closed
    The "aseptic drink box" is made of layers of paper, plastic and aluminum - it can not be recycled. Instead use drink containers that are reusable or at least recycleable.

      Avoid using products tested on animals. 
    Animal testing is a cruel practice that tortures animals causing them pain and often blindness. Avoiding products that use animal testing save unimaginable pain to hundreds of thousands of animals.

      Be a defensive driver.  poll closed
    Cars are immensely heavy objects that travel at great rates of speed in all directions around us as we endeavor to navigate the terrain. We have no control over what these other cars are doing, so for the sake of your safety please drive defensively.

      Be a designated driver.  poll closed
    Intentionally staying sober to drive others who are drinking, saves lives, driving records and thousands of dollars in fines.

      Be a friend.  poll closed
    Want a friend? Be a friend.

      Be a giving lover.  poll closed
    Romantic and sexual relationships connect people in physical and emotional partnership, necessitating the giving and receiving of both parties. A good balance ferments trust and harmony, adding to the enjoyment, benefiting both individuals.

      Be a mentor.  poll closed
    Mentorship is a legacy of giving, it enriches individuals and society. Education is incomplete without the guidance and wisdom of one who is accomplished and successful.

      Be a tutor.  poll closed
    When someone is having difficulty learning something that we already know, offering to tutor them greatly increases their chances of success. It is a refresher and chances are that someone helped us learn a thing or two.

      Be a whistle-blower.  poll closed
    Calling attention to unsafe, unscrupulous, illegal or unfair situations at work is a brave and good thing to do. The fear of losing your job is no reason to let flagrant misuse of power continue.

      Be An Anarchist  poll closed
    Bringing down society as we know it, is working with, and not against, the natural force of Entropy in the universe. Since Entropy is the strongest force in the universe, being part of this downward decline makes you a "GoodHuman" in my book. So act

      Be an environmental activist.  poll closed
    It is very important that those individuals, who are concerned about the environment, are active and speak out to affect change. Each individual may be a drop in the ocean but together we can create wave of public opinion around the planet.

      Be an online activist.  poll closed
    The computer can be a powerful tool for affecting change. As a grass-roots building resource one can contact politicians, citizens and voters in a way that was impossible a few short years ago.

      Be an organ donor.  poll closed
    Be an organ donor and keep an organ donation card in your wallet. You won't need your organs when you're gone, and they could save someone else's life.

      Be an unsung hero.  poll closed
    Working honorably and without needing recognition, focusing on the deed, not the rewards, eliminates reward oriented and competitive motivations, lending a less anxious and more dignified quality to work and life.

      Be courteous on the road  poll closed
    Being considerate of other people on the road makes everyone happier, and safer.

      Be friendly to strangers. 
    We are a society of strangers; they are us and we are them. Being friendly to all whom we encounter brings enjoyment and dignity to our lives and our community.

      Be good.  poll closed
    Want a more happy and fulfilling life? Try to be good.

      Be informed about environmental issues. 
    Staying informed about environmental issues helps one vote knowledgably and purchase wisely, affecting change.

      Be less judgemental of others.  poll closed
    People come in all shapes, sizes and behaviors and none of us are perfect; we all have our disappointing moments. Accepting others for who they are allows us to feel more comfortable being who we are. Judge not lest ye be judged etc. etc.

      Be less materialistic. 
    Being less materialistic brings added dimension to life. Looking beyond monetary value allows us to enjoy things for their usefulness. We can do with less stuff and put more of an emphasis on enjoying people, nature, and the world around us.

      Be more honest.  poll closed
    Our lives can be very complicated socially and professionally, not being truthful unnecessarily complicates it more and promotes unhappiness.

      Be more of a gentleperson. 
    The dictates of proper social conduct are that we be courteous, gracious and honorable, including opening doors, pulling out chairs and walking on the traffic side of the sidewalk for others. This shows our respect and our disintersest in conflict.

      BE nice all the time  poll closed
    you gotta be nice toi everone before you can even be considered nice

      Be quiet in the library.  poll closed

      Be Respectful @ Funerals  poll closed
    The dead deserve our respect.

      Be tactful yet firm in uncomfortable situations.  poll closed
    Be kind. But do not feel badly about protecting
    yourself and the people you care about from dangerous situations
    by asserting yourself, tactfully and firmly.

      Become a one-car houshold (if you have 2 or more!) and walk and bike instead of drive.  poll closed
    Sharing 1 car and biking and walking to run errands etc., saves energy, cuts back on greenhouse gasses, and gets you some exercise in the process!

      Become Gay  poll closed
    Homosexuals are far more clean and upstanding then the straight slobs. More Homos make the world an A OK place to live and commit sodomy.

      Believe  poll closed
    Are you a true Christian?
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