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  • Why is my credit card being rejected due to an address mismatch?   
    GoodHumans uses an AVS (address verification system) check to prevent fraud. This system checks the billing address enterred into our website with the address on file with the credit card issuer for the card that was enterred. Usually, but not ... Read more

  • Is your shopping cart (and my credit card information) secure?   
    GoodHumans uses SSL encryption on all pages during our checkout process in order to protect your private information. Our SSL certificate is issued by Thawte, which is a division of Verisign. You can learn more about thawte at: ... Read more

  • Does GoodHumans sell products that are not listed on the web site?   
    No. All of the products we offer are available for sale on our website. If you cannot find the item you are looking for on our website, please try to find it using the 'Search box' on our 'Shopping' page or from our home page. If you cannot ... Read more

  • Is the item I am looking for in stock?   
    If you can visit the page for an item on our website and that item is not flagged with **backordered after the item is added to the Shopping Cart, then the item is in stock. If you cannot see an item on our website at all, then the item ... Read more

  • Why was my card charge twice for a single order?   
    If, during the process of placing your order, you entered the incorrect billing address and were told (by our software) to try again, it might appear that there are multiple charges on your card for the order. This is due to the ... Read more

  • What credit cards do you accept?   
    Visa, Mastercard, American Express, & Discover.

  • Can I use check or money order to pay for my order?   
    To pay for your order using a check or money order, please enter the order on our website as if you were going to pay with a credit card. On the bottom of the page where the ... Read more

  • Can I place my order over the telephone?   
    Yes. You can place your order over the phone by calling us at:(831) 420-0118, or you can fax your order into us at: (831) 621-3890.

  • Why can't I choose the size/color that I want?   
    If the you can see a product on the GoodHumans website, but you do not see the option (ie. size, color, scent,...) that you are looking for, then we do not have that item in stock and we are unsure if we will be able to get any more of them ... Read more

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