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Green Product Sale

Check out these great bargains!
Batik Table Runner from Tribal Fiber Batik Table Runner

Price: $32.75 each

Diamond-cut ends. Hemp/cotton blend and finished with a 1" seam along all edges. Fair trade. Measures 14" x 19". Naturally batik dyed using flowers, leaves, seeds, bark and earth to create a vibrant range of colors.     

Hand Dishwashing Liquid (5 Gallon Pail) from Biokleen Hand Dishwashing Liquid (5 Gallon Pail)

Price: $67.25

With grapefruit seed extract, aloe and vitamin E, this is the safest, most powerful dish soap imaginable! Rich, long-lasting suds are kind to sensitive skin and hands. Comes in a 5 gallon pail.     

Book Bag from Hempmania Book Bag

Price: $40.00

The Book Bag holds your books and more with a large front pocket, an inside zip pouch and an outside zip pouch on the back. Quick-release closure with wide adjustable shoulder strap. Measures approximately 11x9.5x5 inches.     

Short Skirt from Earth Creations Short Skirt

Price: $27.25

Simple, easy style with a soft, flowing fit. Covered, elastic waist. 100% organic cotton knit. Clay-dyed. Made in the USA.     

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I'm feeling lucky

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